What do you think about our proposal to introduce a 3 year transitional period for eligible families?

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This online engagement was hosted on YourSAy from 25 June 2019 to 13 September 2019. Find out more about the consultation process. Below is a record of this engagement.

Year 7 will be taught in all public high schools from term 1, 2022.

We are testing the possibility of providing eligible families with a choice to keep their year 7 child in primary school, if their primary school is located more than 20 kilometres by road from its nearest area or high school, for a transitional period of 3 years.

Some of the questions we would like you to consider include:

  • Is the 3-year period an appropriate length of time?
  • What support do you think you might need to help your family with the transition?
  • Would you keep your year 7 child in the primary school setting? Why?

To tell us what you think, join in the discussion below.

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Government Agency

Year 7 to High School project team

10 Sep 2019

Thanks for providing your comments here Karen.
We will be sure to reflect them in our report back to Government.
- Alison

Karen Baines

10 Sep 2019

My major concern with Year 7 going to high school is the small rural schools and the numbers they will lose. I would probably leave my child at primary school for Year 7, certainly if his absence might mean a loss of funding for the local primary school. Rural schools are so socially important to rural/remote communities, their value can not be understated and they should be protected with changes to their budgets and staffing allocations to ensure they remain open. When you live 50km from the Area School, I can't imagine a 5 year old managing that travel twice a day on the bus, it's unacceptable when a perfectly good primary school is only 20km away. Protect the small rural schools as a matter of priority.

Nancy Fahey

23 Jul 2019

I am a senior living in Adelaide, why am I receiving these emails ?

Government Agency

YourSAy team > Nancy Fahey

24 Jul 2019

Dear Nancy, thanks for your comment. Yesterday we sent an email out promoting the community forums that will commence next week to consult on the transition from Year 7 to High school in regional SA. You received this email because you are currently in our list of people who have expressed their interest in knowing more about any consultations in the Education area. We are happy to update the areas you are interested in, as we understand they may change. Please email yoursay@sa.gov.au and we'll be happy to help.

Percey Callahan

23 Jul 2019

I feel 12 years old is far too young to start mixing with the older kids in high school, especially the ones who simply don’t want to be there. Also, I assume you have thought about the inevitability of 17 year olds and 12 year olds being boyfriend and girlfriend. Could you share how, exactly, this will be stopped? I remember year 8 girls being taken advantage of by year 12 boys at my high school, you have your heads in the sand if you think it doesn’t happen. Exposing a younger even more naive age group to the problematic older kids just seems a horrible idea.

Government Agency

Year 7 to High School project team > Percey Callahan

25 Jul 2019

Thanks for your comments Percey.
Student wellbeing is an important part of planning for the move, and we will be looking at our pilot schools, interstate counterparts and our existing R-12 and B-12 schools for examples of best practice to combat the issues you’ve raised.
- Alison

Ellen Sanders

22 Jul 2019

I am NOT happy about the year 7 transition to high school. I live in Goolwa. My son is year 3 and attends port Elliot primary school. He has level 3 Autism and PDA. Last year he was deemed too high needs for a mainstream classroom so he is in a small room 1:1 with a 1:1 teacher. He trialled my LOCAL primary school, Goolwa primary last year but was deemed "too high needs" for their setting as it lacks fencing and is next to a busy main road and I was told my son "needs a specialist school" by the principal there, HOWEVER the only special unit in the area is in Victor and only takes children with an iq below 70. My son does not fit this criteria. I have concerns my son will NOT be ready for high school in year 7 due to the large numbers of students at Victor Harbor high school, no idea what type of option my son will have ( as he is not in a classroom of other children, where will he go?), inability to catch the school bus the 20 km each way from Goolwa due to not having the same schooling start and finish times as the other kids (he starts at 9:30
Am and finishes at 11 or 12 ) which will place additional petrol costs on myself as other kids get to catch a bus and the school is a 40 km round trip from my home, Victor high being "at capacity" even before the new year 7 intake with no room to expand (my son's primary school already has this issue), and the fact my son is in limbo as he has an iq above 70 so does not fit Victor's special unit's iq criteria so I'm guessing he will not fit it for a special options placement in high school? Where will he go? I would much rather he had the chance to spend year 7 at his primary school, it's not like he is in a classroom with other children as it is anyway?!

Government Agency

Year 7 to High School project team > Ellen Sanders

25 Jul 2019

Hi Ellen, thanks for sharing your family’s situation. Planning for the transition of children and students with disability is an important part of this project. We will be working with schools and student support services on how to support families, taking into account their different circumstances. We’ll be considering the issues you’ve raised in our planning.
- Alison

Adrian Hogg

06 Jul 2019

I have serious concerns about the whole project and its aims. I think year 7 in primary school is the year they are mature enough to learn leadership and be an active role model in the school for the other children. I don't like the move I think that it is a waste of money when we already have a working system with the accommodation already available for these kids. Now tens of millions will be spent were it's not necessary because a working system is already in place. This is the first nail in the coffin of small regional schools. The primary school student numbers will decrease then allowcated teacher funding will follow then inevitable closures.

Adrian Hogg > Adrian Hogg

06 Jul 2019

To add to this money was allowcated to the high schools to rejuvenate old buildings so that we don't end up with dilapidated buildings. This money was then locked up to be used to build new buildings to accommodate the year 7s, This seems like robbing peter and creating problems for the future that are avoidable

Government Agency

Year 7 to High School project team > Adrian Hogg

08 Jul 2019

Thanks for taking the time to provide your views Adrian.

Leanne machin

04 Jul 2019

I am really concerned my child will not be ready to transition. Academically and emotionally. He is already year levels behind in primary school?

Lauren Josie

02 Jul 2019

What if my child isn't ready for a high school setting

Government Agency

Year 7 to High School project team > Lauren Josie

03 Jul 2019

Hi Lauren,

Making sure that our primary kids are properly prepared for high school is a really important part of the transition process. This is already a focus area for schools preparing our existing Year 7s for the move into Year 8.

What kinds of things do you think will be important to focus on to make sure every child is ready for high school from year 7 in 2022? What do you think is particularly important to help kids in country areas with the move?

- Anna

Lauren Josie > Lauren Josie

05 Jul 2019

My child who is now in year 4 (in the MP class, year 3, year 4 class) so more than likely will be affected and is doing year 3 work because the school won't leave him down a year until year 6/ year 7 once the other children go to high school and I'm wondering if this can still happen?

He is behind quite a bit without a label, i am paying for one in the next few weeks because i have finally worked out how, cost and what the true process is.

We are in a country town the only time children get "high school" ready is the UP class 5/6/7 class but our school is thinking about spilting the year 5's up but won't keep them in year 4 (even after i have pleaded with the same school since he was in kindy to keep him down)

If he misses year 5 in the UP class that would mean he would only have one year in there. I know for sure that it will not be enough time for him.

Government Agency

Year 7 to High School project team > Lauren Josie

08 Jul 2019

Thanks for the additional information Lauren.

Renee Chandler

27 Jun 2019

Would the school fees for Year 7 in a primary school be the same as school fees for Year 7 in a high school?

Government Agency

Year 7 to High School project team > Renee Chandler

28 Jun 2019

Thanks for your question Renee.
School fees are set by individual schools, in conjunction with their governing councils.
How high schools will set for their year 7 fees will form part of the planning process as we approach the 2022 transition.
In general, high school fees are higher than primary school fees. As a guide, you may like to contact your local high school to ask what their current year 8 fees are.
- Alison

Ellen Sanders > Renee Chandler

22 Jul 2019

Will there be petrol reimbursements from the government for parent/s of country students with special needs such as my son who live 20 km each way from the only high school in the area who have a child who CANNOT catch a school bus due to bring on a different timetable to other children due to a high level of need (my son starts at 9:30 and finishes at 11 or 12, he has a part exemption from decd due to being 1:1 and NOT in a classroom with other children, but is 1:1 in a small room at his mainstream primary school, port Elliot primary, due to a high level of need?I would rather my son had year 7 at his primary school as it is closer to my home at Goolwa, less cost in petrol for me as a fulltime carer of my son, his inability to catch a school bus (not that there is one from Goolwa to port Elliot any way, but he cannot attend Goolwa primary as he was deemed too high needs.Will the government assist with the extra costs of fees for an extra year of high school to parent/s? Will FLO options start a year earlier for students who may require an alternate setting a year earlier due to year 7 intake (FLO begins in year 10)? Where will these extra year 7 students be placed at Victor high, considering the school has no room to expand? EFS Strath high was in the media earlier this year due to students having lessons outside in 40c heat due to overcrowding (7-12 school)?...

Government Agency

Year 7 to High School project team

26 Jun 2019

Welcome to the Year 7 to High School regional consultation!

We look forward to hearing what our regional communities think about the proposed 3-year transitional approach.