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Project details

Who will benefit from this project?



How will the funding be spent?

Recruitment of a part time Community Project Officer who will recruit, train and support a network of animal foster carers and establish relationships and referral networks between NGO’s, health and aged care services and carers. They will be responsible for pursuing sponsorship for the Pay it Paw-ward Program, creating supporting materials, and training, establishing contact points, processes and promoting the aims and benefits of the short term boarding, and financial assistance programs.

How will the project be delivered?

The Community Project Officer will build relationships with NGO’s, health/aged care services and foster carers who have capacity and interest in helping families with pets. Training to be developed and delivered to carers, co-ordinators, domestic violence and case workers so they can identify and support people and animals at risk or in need of care. Online promotional, training, support and contact tools will be developed to assist sustainability of the program and corporate sponsorship sought

How many people will directly benefit from this project?

It is estimated that at least 320 people will benefit from this project in the Adelaide or country areas. People will often not be able to access emergency housing or shelter accommodation because they have pets or will be living in their car with their pets which prevents them taking active steps to improve their circumstances. Often people will delay or refuse going to hospital if they have no-one to care for their pets for them By providing emergency accommodation for the pet, the owner is able to take care of their immediate needs knowing that their beloved pet is safe and cared for.

How will you measure the impact of this project?

Successful recruitment of Community Project Officer
Successful recruitment and development of MOU's with NGO’s Health and Aged Care Services and agreements with foster carers
Development of training materials and programs for NGO’s Health and Aged Care Services and foster carers.
Delivery and attendance at training
Potential Benchmark study through Flinders University, School of Social and Policy Studies. Potential recruitment of a student to develop a survey and benchmark study to better-determine the size of the need for this type of assistance in the community and analyse the social impacts the project has on individuals and families.
Development of marketing materials and resource materials to promote the program to various agencies and their clients.
Further development of relationships with Social Services Departments and agencies at State Government level, which will result in enabling better planning for pre-emptive accommodation arrangements, including development of MOU’s

How will the project fit this year's theme of ‘Connect, Grow, Build, Belong’?

This project aligns with the themes of Connect, Build and Belong in that it creates connections to benefit people and their pets, connects them with services to assist them keep those pets and maintain the well-being and health of both, and build support networks to benefit them and increase their sense of belonging in the community through the connections established.

Project details

Who will benefit from this project?



Organisation details

Organisation Name

Hope Springs Eternal Dog Rescue, Rehoming and Retirement Inc

What does this organisation do?

HSEDR manages a small breed dog rescue in South Australia. We take in dogs that need to be rehomed for a range of reasons and provide all vet services, training and socialisation prior to finding a permanent family for the pet, whose needs match those of the pet.

The organisation has reviewed a number of the reasons that small breed dogs are surrendered to rescues and is implementing programs to help “Keep Pets and People Together” by providing short term boarding (up to 3 months) of pets where their owners are homeless or hospitalised, assisting people experiencing financial stress to pay for urgent medical treatment for their pets via our Pay it Paw-ward Program, and providing food and basic needs for pets of homeless people along with basic vet care via pop up vet clinics.

We work collaboratively with other rescues and services and educate regarding responsible pet ownership. We assist those doing it tough without judgment and promote the concept of paying it forward primarily by helping others who might be in the same situation, when personal circumstances permit.


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Deb Kennedy

21 May 2017

Lending a hand to those who need a hand....Hope Springs.....Pay it Paw-ward....they all need you. Even the smallest donation ,the smallest amount of time is put to very good use and grown upon to help as many as possible.Amazing people doing amazing things.