DH Social Enterprise Café

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People + Food + Social Enterprise Café = Employment Opportunities + Social Innovation

How will the funding be spent?

The $47,750 will be spent on recruiting a Project Officer for 26 weeks ($33,670 inc oncosts) & set-up costs ($14080) to refurbish the Café premises & purchase kitchen equipment. The Project Officer’s role will include developing a business & marketing plan, marketing research, securing other funding streams ($125,000) for 12 months operational funds, developing policies, procedures, marketing promotional strategies, risk management plan, ensure compliance with federal & state regulations.

How will the project be delivered?

The Café will specialise in selling affordable, healthy Vietnamese food. It will contribute to improving community health & wellbeing through achieving economic, social, cultural & environmental change & will benefit the target group especially increased employment. The Café will open 5 days per week 10.30am to 7.00pm daily & will be launched in September/October 2017. Working towards being a financially viable & sustainable business within 2 years.

How many people will directly benefit from this project?

10 employees, 24 + volunteers & trainees, 1000’s of healthy food eaters & customers & local businesses.

How will you measure the impact of this project?

DH Social Enterprise Café will conduct an evaluation at 6 months & 12 months of operation to measure that the objectives of the project are achieved, also the impacts of the project & that the café has commenced operation which will include :
• Development of the business & marketing plan
• Coordinating marketing research
• Secured $125,000 funds for 12 months operational funds
• Developed policies & procedures for implementation
• Developed marketing & promotional strategies
• Ensure all legal, federal & state regulations are identified & complied to
• Assist in creating job descriptions
• Assist in recruitment of staff
• Secured & refurbished a suitable venue in The Port.
• Promotion to businesses & potential customers prior to opening and ongoing promotion
• Gathering statistics of the number of regular customers on a weekly & monthly basis
• Conducting employee & customer satisfaction surveys
• Monthly financial reports
• Monthly progress reports
• End of project report
• The Café has commenced operations

How will the project fit this year's theme of ‘Connect, Grow, Build, Belong’?

DH Social Enterprise Café will prepare and sell Vietnamese style take away food in the commercial sector of the Port providing 10 employment placements for socially & economically disadvantaged people in the first 12 months of operation. We aim to reduce stigma associated with mental illness through raising community awareness. The Café will enable people to work productively, change, learn, grow & connect socially while building their skills & confidence & enhancing a better quality of life.

Organisation details

Organisation Name

Clubhouse SA Inc.

What does this organisation do?

Clubhouse SA Inc. is a not-for-profit, non-government, non-clinical community mental health organisation that facilitates community-based psychosocial rehabilitation day & group programs for people with lived experience of mental illness at Diamond House (DH) since 1996.

Diamond House incorporates the internationally accredited Clubhouse Model into programs designed to address the psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual needs of people with lived experience of mental illness. Membership is open to people aged 16-65, people who are psychologically, socially and economically disadvantaged including people from culturally diverse backgrounds.

Our primary goals are to provide support & advocacy services that will develop people’s independent living and coping skills, enhance a person’s general wellbeing, help reduce stigma associated with mental illness, improve social inclusion & reduce social isolation, significantly reduce hospital admissions, increase employment pathways and community connection.


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Steven Parker

17 May 2017

What a Great project this is. I hope this works due to the positive outcomes for so many. If this project is able to provide an outcome for many who have mental health, physical, cultural, age or intellectual issues. It is a real positive for the disadvantaged in our society. I know many of those at Diamond House and the food that is prepared is fantastic, the people are amazing and I think the venture would be of benefit to Adelaide in general.

Mark Draper

11 May 2017

I believe this is not only money well spent but an investment in our shared valued clients. The UCWPA SRF West clients and staff enjoy and value having such a wonderful space to share and engage in. The Café Meals are amazing and always served with a warm smile.
Lets all get behind them !

Steven Parker > Mark Draper

17 May 2017

I will definitely get behind it Mark.

Paul Blamey

11 May 2017

As a business owner and with the mission statement of Business Diversification and Fair Trading, I find the DH plan to be a wonderful example of a group of people attempting to create a commercial venture that encompasses healthy eating, integration and support of people with various problems.
Well done to all who support them.

Cathy Place

06 May 2017

I think this a fantastic venture as it will not only benefit people with a wide range of disadvantages, health issues or people from culturally diverse backgrounds but the people involved in this project.

Steven Parker > Cathy Place

17 May 2017

Very well said Cathy.