Lightsview Community Sheds

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Building and sustaining a Community-Sheds-facility for postcode 5085 and surrounds.

Project details



How will the funding be spent?

The budget for, ‘Lightsview Community Sheds’ is to enable building of the sheds facility. The $100,000 grant will be spent almost entirely on materials, including two economical standard 15m x 9m sheds with horizontal cladding and roller doors. Modern industrial design features are added, including feature panels and upgraded doors and windows. Electrical and plumbing trades are also covered by the grant. Land, project management, volunteer workforce and some trades are provided at no cost.

How will the project be delivered?

This project has developed for 2 years, with research, sheds design, engineering assessment and PAE Council planning and building approvals completed. A further 18 months is required to full operations. This will include 9 months to spend the grant on the building budget and 9 months program development. KPIs include:
2 x sheds to lock up stage (6 months)
Sheds fitout (start 3 months; finish 9 months)
4 x half day programs (12 months)
Full programming with collaborative workshops (18 months)

How many people will directly benefit from this project?

Council approval is for up to 45 persons. With 10 sessions per week, at maximum capacity, up to 450 persons may be included per week, engaged in social interaction, and participating in craft activities and workshops

How will you measure the impact of this project?

Measurement of Lightsview Community Sheds impact in building connectivity, personal and community growth, and belonging, within the local community, will be via:
*Delivering the shed build on time and on budget (9 months)
*Monitoring of the implementation of 4 x half day programs within 12 months, with attendance regularity and numbers.
*Conducting 3 monthly feedback surveys on client satisfaction with activities.
*Conducting 3 monthly feedback surveys from collaborative organisations (schools, organisations) on impact of activities on client health and well-being.
*Monitoring the implementation of ‘Spanner in the Works’ health initiatives in ‘Men’s Shed’ programs (from Australian Men’s Shed Association), and recording participation numbers, consistency and outcomes using client survey forms.

How will the project fit this year's theme of ‘Connect, Grow, Build, Belong’?

Community Sheds/ Men's Sheds have been shown to benefit the mental health of isolated males (National Suicide Prevention Strategy) and also marginalised youth in mentored workshops. They are a great way to build inter-generational and cross-cultural connectivity within the local community. Shed participants tend to strongly identify with their local community through such involvements.
Already, through outdoor workshops, youth workers have advised we have transformed the life of an autistic boy

Project details



Organisation details

Organisation Name

Rise Assist (Community Support Organisation of Rise Church Inc.)

What does this organisation do?

Since commencement in 2000, Rise Assist (then NE Care) has undertaken various community support programs. Today, Rise Assist is divided into Rise Global Assist (education support of poor children in Cambodia & more) and Rise Community Assist. Current Rise Community Assist support activities include:
1. Formalising a Community Shed / Men’s Shed project in 2016, and commencing ‘Mech Connect’ monthly outdoor workshops. Council shed approvals were completed in October. Strong community support has been found in the Northgate Oakden Residents Association and local PAE Councillor Mark Basham, as there is a genuine need for such a facility in postcode 5085. We have also received membership from the Australian Men's Shed Association; AMSA101294. Collaboration in programming is also planned with local community support organisations. To date, Helping Hand and Teen Challenge have expressed interest.
Other Rise Community Assist activities include: 2. Emergency food relief; 3. Legal advocacy; 4. Work for the Dole programs; 5. Volunteering and Community service opportunities; 6. Counselling services


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Sam Long

29 May 2017

Love this project and the impact it will make on our community.

Yi-An Neoh

25 May 2017

I understand that there has been success with a limited budget PRIOR to this initiative. So, imagine how much more effective this could be with more funding! I wish this project all the best! I hope you get the funding you need.

Project Owner

Mike Morey

20 Apr 2017

A community shed facility has been a desire of the local community for a long time. There is currently no Men's Shed in the area, and the local counselor gets lots of calls asking about a local men's shed. Also, two local primary schools have no facilities for technical workshops for upper primary students, so they can see a great benefit for their programs too. And a number of other community support organisations would like to collaborate on programs for their clientele using Lightsview Community Sheds. It will be a great venue for supporting community in postcode 5085.

Lisa Collins

18 Apr 2017

It is great to see this community shed in the planning. I am involved in programs for Mums and children in the community, but to see plans being made to connect with men is fantastic.