Grandcarer Outreach Support

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To take our existing services to isolated community members.

How will the funding be spent?

This funding would be used to fund a full time Outreach Coordinator to carry our existing support and information services to the regions of our state that suffer from the same problems experienced by all grandparents who, for a variety of reasons, have taken on the role of primary carer to their grandchildren. Members of our wider community are entitled to the same levels of support as their metropolitan peer group. Employing a Coordinator will enable our volunteer organisation to achieve this.

How will the project be delivered?

The project will be delivered using our existing vehicles and equipment. The Outreach Coordinator will travel to regional and remote locations to provide information and support services that are currently only available to community members in the metropolitan area, or those able to travel to Adelaide. The Coordinator will provide information sessions and personal interaction to all who require the services we provide, allowing regions to benefit from these services on an equal basis.

How many people will directly benefit from this project?


How will you measure the impact of this project?

Project impact will be measured primarily by figures such as number of client interactions, increased involvement with assisting agencies, and statistics on how many regional locations were visited, and information sessions conducted. On a more personal level, we will collect individual feedback from community members who we are able to assist, as we do normally by way of case notes and correspondence records. It is at this individual level, that we are able to measure the benefits of our operations in general, and this Outreach Program in particular.

How will the project fit this year's theme of ‘Connect, Grow, Build, Belong’?

This project will CONNECT isolated Grandparent Carers with support services and peers in the metropolitan region.
It will GROW networks, and let our regional communities know that help and support is available.
It will BUILD closer ties between city and regions, as well as creating safer and more rewarding family units throughout the state.
It will help otherwise disadvantaged groups to BELONG to the wider community, and to enjoy the same services and opportunities that should be enjoyed by all.

Organisation details

Organisation Name

Grandparents For Grandchildren SA Inc

What does this organisation do?

Staff at Grandparents For Grandchildren:
• Listen to grandparents and their concerns regarding their grandchildren and help them to discover solutions to those issues.
• Provide assistance with referral services for grandparents e.g. psychologists, psychiatrists and lawyers. Attend family care meetings and attend Youth and Family Courts to provide support to grandparents.
• Collaborate with government agencies and other service providers who can assist and support grandparents
• Help grandparents connect with government agencies to assist with their grandchildren's educational issues
• Negotiate assistance and support for grandparents and their grandchildren who have medical, housing, financial and other issues.
• Assist grandparents through the pathways of bureaucratic and culture impediments
• Have set up a program with the FoodBank to enable grandparents to purchase food items at affordable discount prices.


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Kathleen Jones

29 May 2017

This will assist towards relieving the distress and isolation of a growing group in our community. Grandparents have already brought up their children but now must start again when they are not as strong as they were. They are doing work that will prevent untold damage to children who don't get their loving supportive care. It is a fairly new project and in dire need of funds for outreach to the regional areas.

Colleen Hanlon

08 May 2017

This will enable a lot more Grandparents who have their grandchildren not feel so isolated.

Pete Neilsen

18 Apr 2017

Fantastic (and crucial) organisation dealing with a vital issue. Children at risk must surely be our most urgent concern as a society. I fully support any financial help directed to Grandparents For Grandchildren, especially in this area-of extending the scope of their services.