KIK Academy


KIK Academy Create, build, belong (KIK coffee concept stores)

How will the funding be spent?

-100 places for young people in the KIK Academy, providing training and work experience, while inspiring their creativity and entrepreneurial skills within the KIK brand
- Individual mentoring to support re-connection to community, personal wellbeing and growth, and sense of belonging and identity
- Job opportunities across 5 KIK Coffee stores, KIK charity chocolates & future social enterprises
- Digital employment platform to access ongoing jobs with corporate partners

How will the project be delivered?

Young People who are significantly disadvantaged & unemployed will engage in the 'first of its kind' KIK Academy, which will offer entreprenuership training, co-design incubation, internships and job creation. KIK Academy is an expansion of the KIK Coffee brand, scaling up our social impact to offer more young people the chance to be part of this exciting youth brand. As we open new stores in joint partnerships, KIK academy will allow even more young people to create, build, and keep jobs.

How many people will directly benefit from this project?


How will you measure the impact of this project?

Our goal is to deliver innovative educational and employment services that
improve the wellbeing of young people and move them into employment. A formal evaluation will be undertaken, in partnership with Uniting Communities' specialist evaluation team.

Key Evaluation Questions:
What are the young people’s employment goals/aspirations?
What are the young people’s experiences of seeking employment opportunities? Do their employment seeking opportunities change following the program?
What are young people’s barriers to seeking employment?
What is the (training) completion rate?
Young people have work ready skills.
Young people have improved wellbeing (including resilience).
How the case worker helps to overcome barriers to engaging in the training.

- Mixed methods (questionnaires, interviews and participatory activities)
- Pre training/post-training + follow-up evaluation phases.

Outcomes (3 ultimate impacts)
Young people state that they have enhanced wellbeing.
Young people have successfully completed the internship and learning components.
Young people are employed, have access to targeted employment opportunities, or report they have increased skills to access employment.

How will the project fit this year's theme of ‘Connect, Grow, Build, Belong’?

KIK Academy’s unique social innovation model is all about valuing young peoples’ abilities and creativity – they co-design and build something amazing and they connect with their local community. We see YP grow and flourish as their contributions are valued and they feel part of something meaningful. We support them as a whole person to develop and transition through the whole process. We believe our model, ‘build a job, keep a job’, creates far greater impact for YP and the community.

Organisation details

Organisation Name

Inspired Buy

What does this organisation do?

InspiredBUY is a social innovation organisation that drives positive change in our community by giving young people opportunities to shine!
Our mission is to impact the lives of 1000+ young people as we tackle the complex social problem of youth unemployment.
We will do this by providing entrepreneurship training to young people, creatively co-designing social enterprises together that are investable and provide job creation.
This approach has seen us provide creative entrepreneurship programs to 35 young people since 2016, co-design a coffee brand (KIK coffee) and provide employment opportunities through job creation to 29 young people.

Our strategy in 2017 is to expand our entrepreneurship training within an academy-style program, and up-scale the KIK COFFEE brand to 5 stores by 2018. The KIK Academy will offer internship programs to eligible young people who will then have access to employment pathways within the KIK coffee brand, which aims to create jobs for up to 70 young people by the end of 2018.

The KIK Academy will focus on creativity, engagement and connection while offering practical hands-on work experience within cafe and retail environments. Entrepreneurial learning and co-design opportunities are at the heart of what we do! The academy model will deliver formal and in-formal BRAND awareness messages that are about valuing young people, their contribution and how our brand identity is developed through the young people we engage.
WE aim to inspire young minds and hearts as we work towards building our future workforce.
With 5 KIK Coffee stores running successfully, we can be financially self-sustainable, able to change the lives of more young people without dependence on government grants.


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Bee McDougall

26 May 2017

Oh we could so do with some trained Barristers in Whyalla and give some young people the opportunity to open their own small business

Graham Wakeling

20 Apr 2017

These guys are brilliant. Such a fundamental yet innovative project that has already got 'legs' and having a huge impact with young people who might be struggling with regular schooling and life in general ...