Meningie Museum Community Shed


Meningie Museum Community Shed that will support our members and volunteers.

Project details



How will the funding be spent?

Our members will prepare the site and support contractors to erect a 30 x 12 x 5.1m shed, with a fully cemented floor. Power and lighting, wet area and wheelchair toilet installed. The shed will be fully enclosed, with five bays, two roller doors, and access doors. It will be specifically for the restoration of historical vehicles and implements and other pieces, preserving our historical, cultural, social, fishing and agricultural heritage.

How will the project be delivered?

Our project will be managed by our President and Committee. The Shed supply, delivery and erection will be carried out by experienced shed builders. Local contractors will supply, prepare, lay and finish cementing; will install lighting and power; will install wheelchair access toilet, and wet area. Museum members and community volunteers will locate any fill required and supply machinery needed, with ongoing support during preparation, construction and installation until completion.

How many people will directly benefit from this project?

1000 or more

How will you measure the impact of this project?

We would measure the impact by recording the hours spent by members and community working in the shed, various activities provided at the shed, the community involvement in preserving, restoring and recording the historical vehicles and items. Attendance at Open Days and Special Community events. Also measured by the level of involvement, mateship, laughter, cohesiveness, willingness and friendships created.

How will the project fit this year's theme of ‘Connect, Grow, Build, Belong’?

Our Museum is a community initiative, established by donations. We are committed to connecting our community, whether retirees, veterans, students, people with disabilities. Community members involved in restoration of historic vehicles, tractors; where history is preserved and recorded. A place to belong, of acceptance, being valued, share problems. Alleviate social isolation and loneliness. Members learn new skills, impart knowledge. Active involvement, contribution, companionship, opportunity

Project details



Organisation details

Organisation Name

Meningie Cheese Factory Museum Inc

What does this organisation do?

Our members and volunteers restore, preserve and record historical vehicles, farm implements and general historical pieces, our cultural, social, agricultural and fishing heritage. We support our community, retirees, veterans, carers, disabled, and those living alone. We also support many historical car, caravan and engine clubs that interact with our Museum.


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judith woolston

28 May 2017

This project would give a broad spectrum of the Meningie Community opportunities which do not exist presently from socio-economical perspectives. It would encourage positive behaviours and offer pathways for many people, potentially changing the direction of many in this community. Not just from a historical perspective.

Helen Anderson

28 May 2017

This is truly a worthwhile history saving project to be enjoyed by all.

Ros Wright

26 May 2017

A project like this would extend the tremendous work already being done by members of the Cheese Factory Museum, and help to further integrate members from our community with a worthwhile cause. There is a lot of history in this small community which this project would help to preserve.

Judy Appelkamp

25 May 2017

I can see our greater community will benefit from this it will give all people a place to go hoping to break down barriers of all ages

Melva Joy Marsh

25 May 2017

Roger Marsh
A very worthwhile project.

Melva Joy Marsh

25 May 2017

Our community will benefit so much by this project. It will improve our town for tourist to further enjoy.
But most of all it will aid the health and well being of all vollenteers who tirelessly work on this project .
The whole community will benefit,now and for many years to com.

Jace Stephenson

23 May 2017

A great idea to build the workshop. Giving people somewhere to help preserve and restore the motoring and agricultural history of meningie. I can't wait to be apart of it if at all goes ahead. 👍

Melva Joy Marsh > Jace Stephenson

25 May 2017

It's great to see such a young person take such an interest in this project,there is very little in this community for the young one to do 👍

Ann Lund

23 May 2017

An important project for the Meningie community and south Australian history. The museum brings the history of the region and Meningie in particular, to life. The project will make that history even more participatory. A proud town. Very deserving.

Adam Hurle

23 May 2017

This project will not only further enhance the Meningie Museum, but also ensure preservation of our local industries, both past and present for future generations to observe and reflect. Meningie and the Coorong area has a unique history seen nowhere else in the world, so to protect and preserve it is a requisite.

Harold Ousley

16 May 2017

This will be a welcome addition to an ongoing project to preserve and promote this area's history and achievements . Harry Ousley

ian williams

11 May 2017

Meningie special history needs to be preserved ,i.e. lake shipping,chinese immigration to the gold mines,stock droving to interstate,fishing industry,dairying (once the largest area supplying S.A. milk supply) war service allotments,honey supply.Today meningie needs a community
shed for use by the community for projects and friendship as to follow your special hobbies we now need to travel in excess of 100kms.
meningie is attracting retiring age people and a gathering place would enable contact with other like minded folk

Marilyn and Wesley Bates

10 May 2017

Such a proposal would be fantastic for this interesting and valuable project to be enhanced by the provision of a centre which could be utilized by various people in this community. As new comers to the district two and a half years ago we found the work and comradeship of the volunteers of the museum working tirelessly to preserve the heritage and history of this amazing district to be very outstanding and highly commendable. This project will no doubt be of great assistance to further encourage younger generations to become involved in not only preserving but to also maintain and restore where necessary the cultural heritage of this district for future generations. The museum has put Meningie on the map as a must see tourist attraction. This project would be a wonderful opportunity to bring the community together to unite the generations and where valuable skills can be learnt and or taught.

Heinz Witteveen

10 May 2017

The Meningie Cheese Factory Museum Inc is a community organisation wholly owned and operated by a group of dedicated volunteers.
Their emphasis is on preserving the history of Meningie & District for future generations and also to give both locals and visitors a visual reminder of how our forebears used to work, live and play.
Thanks to their efforts, the Museum has become a major tourist attraction for the town and they are to be highly commended for their efforts.

Pat Nelson

09 May 2017

This community museum is both interesting and informative, particularly for people like myself, who are new to this lovely town. The museum preserves so many basic items that those of any community remember as well as those specific to the lake and the Coorong. Well worth a visit and certainly worth funding. This small band of volunteers work tirelessly to mainatain both inside and out. The upcoming history day is an outstanding event, and worth attending if only for may's amazing scones!!

Gary Hiscock

03 May 2017

Well worth a look. Something for the young and old alike. Always building on the towns past, present and future. Top class restaurant or just coffee with friends. Part of the original Cheese Factory. One of the best caravan parks in the state. Stay at the caravan park for a weekend have a meal or a coffee and wander through the museum at your leisure. We stayed at the caravan park and bought a house here, loved it that much. That was 15 years ago, wouldn't leave for quids.

peter ancell

03 May 2017

This project will create a much needed area for multiple,art&craft,restoration of historical items,a place to come and have a cuppa!Learn hands on skills and build self worth,as the museum has done for me these last few years.

Dwayne Thomas

30 Apr 2017

A great project for the small community to keep its history alive for future generations to see as well as community members to meet & work on projects together, the older generation handing down skills to the younger generation if needed.

Jodie Allsop

30 Apr 2017

Definately an important project for the local community. It is highly important to preserve the local history. This is an awesome way of connecting communities through including youth and bringing the past to life.

peter saint

30 Apr 2017

An important project for Meningie to preserve items from our past for future generations and giving members of the community a place to do these projects.
It will also give community members a venue to relax and socialize ,creating more hands on interest in past history.

Pam Warneke

28 Apr 2017

An extremely worthwhile project that will protect disappearing items from the past and help preserve the skills to maintain them.