Connecting Disabilities in SA

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Develop programs and establish new community links for disabled persons

How will the funding be spent?

Purchase 12 seater bus for transport of volunteers and equipment to Regions. Funding includes fuel and basic accommodation, conduct workshops and eight expositions; hire suitable venues; conduct media campaigns; purchase capital items for presentations, catering, handout materials, new banners and publicity stands; first aid equipment, writing books/ pads; overhead projector; equipment for speeches, laptop and small printer. Video camera to obtain material for CD production with community help.

How will the project be delivered?

We will travel and run campaigns in eight nominated Regions focussing on collaboration with schools, Councils, Government agencies, business organisations and community groups; conduct an exposition in each Region, engaging with community members; promote and raise awareness during fundraising trips; engage with regional sporting clubs and market via all available outlets; publicise outcomes in newsletters, websites and the media. Utilise first hand life skills of ADS and local identities.

How many people will directly benefit from this project?

We will meet with 100 participants at each of the 14 Regions. ABS statistics state 20% of population has a disability, so with ongoing advertising, our goal is to engage or link with over 100,000 people in 2017, increasing exponentially after that.

How will you measure the impact of this project?

The number of people with a disability whom we engage with
Identify the sporting activities they wish to participate in
The number of sporting organisations that are willing to assist and partner with the project
The number of workshops or information sessions conducted
The number of expositions (major events) conducted
The % of clients that were satisfied with the initial planning process
The % of people with a disability who attend the sessions
The number and percentage of people advising they are better informed of the project
The number and percentage of people with a disability saying they will be better supported
The number and percentage of people at the expos who advise their wellbeing and connectedness will be improved because of contact with ADS
The number of businesses that will support with in-kind assistance during and after the project
The number of local Councils that engage, with an indication of their level of support
The number of flyers and brochures that are delivered

How will the project fit this year's theme of ‘Connect, Grow, Build, Belong’?

We have plans to grow our organisation so people in the community with a disability have the chance to participate in a sport of their choice. The project will re-educate and support the community, in their own community. We will connect directly into metropolitan, rural and remote communities. We will do this by building a raft of new partners and promote them on our website. We have no boundaries in helping the disadvantaged who will belong with us as part of our operations over many years.

Organisation details

Organisation Name

Australian Disability Sport Inc

What does this organisation do?

ADS works to build community relationships and fund groups with a disability focus. We have a 35 person fundraising collection team. They generate income to support partnerships with communities and stakeholders linked with disability sports. We raise awareness of disability sport to the public and local sporting communities. We encourage and fund more people with a disability to participate in sports of their choice. We support all our volunteers, and assist disabled persons linked to organisations such as Blind Cricket Australia, Blind Sport SA, Special Olympics, Lighthouse Youth Projects and Riding for the Disabled. We have proven links in all Regions within the State in over seven years of successful operations.


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Kathleen Jones

29 May 2017

People with a disability sector suffer greatly from disempowerment and isolation, Reaching out to them is long overdue and will assist them to ask the questions and work through their needs and what is available to assist them. It might assist some to take advantage of the Disability Insurance scheme, others to know what further education might assist them in becoming more self sufficient.