Wheels to Connect Community


Supporting the aged and people with a disability connect with community.

Project details



How will the funding be spent?

Funding will assist Whyalla Aged Care to purchase a modified high roof vehicle with a hydraulic wheelchair lift for use by residential and community clients. The vehicle includes 12 seats and two of the seats can be removed for wheelchair access. The vehicle will support the elderly and those with a disability to engage with community by participating in regular social, rehabilitation services and activities that support them to live well.

How will the project be delivered?

Once the new vehicle is commissioned, consumers will be able book transport to and from social programs run over seven days which will be lead by Whyalla Aged Care's Lifestyle, Community, Residential and Volunteer teams. Social program examples include access to day centre activities, respite, gym, swimming pool, sporting and other community events, shopping, social clubs, hotel and restaurant functions, arts and music events

How many people will directly benefit from this project?

Approximately 40-60 participants weekly

How will you measure the impact of this project?

The project will be measured by:
Increase numbers of consumers accessing community activities.
Increase in new volunteer and employees employed to support social programs.
Feedback and results from regular resident/client surveys will also identify the types of community activities consumers attend or want to attend in the future, ease of access on and off the vehicle and any improvements community participation has had on the participants overall wellbeing.

How will the project fit this year's theme of ‘Connect, Grow, Build, Belong’?

Many older people and people with a disability are socially isolated due to a lack of family support or access to regular affordable transport to support them to remain actively involved in day to day community events. The modified vehicle will assist in connecting these people to everyday community activities with the support of a carer or volunteer. Supporting community participation aims to increase the participants independence, their sense of purpose, confidence and overall wellbeing.

Project details



Organisation details

Organisation Name

Whyalla Aged Care Inc

What does this organisation do?

Whyalla Aged Care is a not for profit provider of Residential Aged Care Services across three aged care homes in Whyalla as well as providing Consumer Directed Home Care Services, Respite Care and Retirement Living Accommodation.


Comments closed

Gary Misan

28 May 2017

An important initiative for Whyalla Aged Care residents

Bee McDougall

26 May 2017

keeping the aged and disabled mobile is important in Whyalla to get to all the events and other important appointments.
please place this on my plan

Leonie Weiss

18 May 2017

This bus is vital to continue to keep people connected to their community. No matter whether older people live in their own homes or in residential care facilities it is so important to keep them connected to the activities in the community that have enriched their lives. A device like this could help break down the walls between residential care and people living in the community to enable individuals living in care to access more social and emotional choices in order to improve their health and wellbeing. I think this project is vital to improve older people's lives in our community.

Russell Bambridge

17 May 2017

This is an excellent initiative for the aged and/or disabled residents of Whyalla. Many will benefit from such a vehicle. Throughout the year there are numerous activities within the city that can be enjoyed by all, provided you can get there! This bus would make it possible for a significant number of residents in care facilities. It would also enable attendance and participation at events and functions in other near-by cities and towns in our region. I commend this project to the funding committee.

Andrew Cassetti

17 May 2017

Having this transport facility would add to my Grandma's quality of life and provide her with a greater level of comfort when she is required to attend appointments. I applaud Whyalla Aged Care on this initiative and trust the idea will be supported by the decision makers.

Liz Hanna

16 May 2017

This vehicle will allow community & residential clients the ability to interact and continue their social activities outside of their homes. The benefits to our clients to access alternate transport is more social inclusion and increased interaction in the community and addresses social isolation of the elderly and disabled.

Diane Hugo

16 May 2017

This is an excellent initiative and will allow community & residential personnel the ability to interact and continue their social activities in a safe vehicle without the expense of taxi's. Being able to continue social interaction in the community is a number 1 priority to ensure mental and physical well being. Well done Whyalla Aged Care for continuing to care about your residents and community members.

Fran Power

11 May 2017

This is a great idea and it increase the opportunity for aged and community residents to get out and about and socialise with others in mutually beneficial activities and functions.

kerrie traeger

11 May 2017

The Wheels to Connect project will assist Whyalla Aged Care in the purchase of a mini van to assist home care clients in attending community events and interfacing with other people in the community, without the additional expense of transportation costs while knowing that the Staff manning the van are qualified personnel, which will give them an added sense of security during their outing.

John Morrison

10 May 2017

Great initiative/community support activity for the Whyalla Community and in particular, it will provide direct assistance to those with the greatest need: the disabled and the elderly.

Michelle Ryan

10 May 2017

This is great for our disabled and elderly residence, I bet they are ecstatic that they will be able to utilize the transport.

Donna Sheasby

10 May 2017

Wheels to connect would have a significant role to play in improving social inclusion across our community. Its a very exciting project and if successful, the benefits to our clients to access transport (to enable participation in different programs that are offered in our community) would be huge.

Peter Medlicott

09 May 2017

As a potential recipient of Wheels to Connect I would be able to be connected to my family and interest in the Whyalla Men's Shed In. It would be enable me to participate in more than one day a week at the men's shed. While DPI and Des's Cab's offer a limited degree of participation Wheels to Connect would allow others incapacitated persons to engage in the community events that occur regularly in the Whyalla Community. I commend the project to you.

Jeff Headley

09 May 2017

An excellent and very practical plan

Project Owner

Juanita Walker

09 May 2017

The Wheels to Connect Community project is a wonderful opportunity to increase disability friendly transport options available to the elderly and people with a disability so they can remain engaged in every day community activities and attend special events held throughout the year in Whyalla. Supporting people to remain engaged in the community will assist in reducing social isolation and improving overall wellbeing.

Kelly Hyslop

09 May 2017

What a fantastic opportunity for our elderly and disabled residents to stay engaged in our local community.

Cassie Priestley

08 May 2017

This is a great opportunity for both aged and disabled members of our local community. Being able to access a Community Vehicle of this size will greatly enhance peoples lives though increasing their independence, their sense of purpose, confidence and enable them to live well.

diane collison

28 Apr 2017

The acquisition of this type of vehicle would greatly enhance the ability of Whyalla Aged Care clients to participate in a wider range of Community activities. It would supplement the current transport assistance received from DPI, access cabs and family members to allow for an increased participation in activities for elderly and disabled clients within the Whyalla Community.

Elaine Hoffman

20 Apr 2017

I have personally witnessed the joy on resident's faces when they have the opportunity to attend social functions/activities. If successful, the bus will provide access to the aged/disabled of our community.

Kaye Brougham

20 Apr 2017

The Wheels To Connect Community Project is an excellent initiative that will allow greater opportunities for both aged and disabled people to attend community activities within Whyalla and the surrounding areas.

David Dunn

19 Apr 2017

Whyalla Aged Cares proposed community transport will assist in the social inclusion for many individuals and families to participate in functions and events that would normally find it difficult to attend. The disability accessibility will include a further boost to community members families and allow a level of independence never experienced before.

Cheryl Kite

19 Apr 2017

Social isolation can lead to depression. As a society/community I believe we need to look after our vulnerable people ie elderly; disabled. The Wheels To Connect Community project, if successful, will provide opportunity to connect the socially isolated aged/disabled with the community. This will benefit not only the people who are re-connecting to the community, and the staff/volunteers that escort them to events; but the community as well.

Chris Jaensch

18 Apr 2017

Affordability, accessibility and isolation are very real issues for the elderly people in Whyalla at this time. This Grant could provide opportunities for our residents and clients which their families cannot.