Sibworks SA


Peer support program for young siblings of children with disability

How will the funding be spent?

• Manage/promote project
• recruit/train group facilitators (psychologist and co-facilitators)
• oversee groups
• run 4 parent workshops
Project Officer
• recruit and pre-interview siblings
• plan for 6 groups – venue, food etc
• run 6 groups, each group 15 hours
• reimburse volunteer co-facilitators (recruited via relevant university courses)
Office costs - connecting with families/facilitators
Childrens' books
Insurance/group costs – for running such programs

How will the project be delivered?

The Project Officer will develop and carry out the evaluation, promote and recruit the participants for the peer support groups, which will be delivered by the Psychologist and 2-3 volunteer co-facilitators. Each group will run over two days – either two days in the school holidays or over two weekends – for 5 ½ hours each day for a total of 11 contact hours (including morning tea and lunch). The Project Manager will deliver the parent workshops and plan for sustained contact between siblings.

How many people will directly benefit from this project?

70 siblings, 70 parents, 5-10 professionals/students

How will you measure the impact of this project?

We will have sibling and parents complete pre and post program questionnaires which will measure the child's behaviour and satisfaction, parents' knowledge on how to support siblings and their satisfaction with the project. .Facilitators will provide feedback on their own learning but also the functioning/benefits of the group. We will keep data on who attends the peer support programs and parent workshops

How will the project fit this year's theme of ‘Connect, Grow, Build, Belong’?

• connect siblings of children with disability to other siblings who understand
• siblings grow in strength/understanding, self-esteem and ways of coping
• build networks that are encouraged to continue
• Siblings feel less isolated and belong to a community who understands/supports them
• Parents grow in their capacity to support their children
• Children with disability will grow as the relationship with their sibling is nurtured/strengthened
• Agencies build capacity to support siblings

Organisation details

Organisation Name

Siblings Australia

What does this organisation do?

We provide information, support and resources for siblings of children and adults with disability, for parents and for professionals. We research the needs and best practice approaches for sibling support and advocate for siblings to be acknowledged and connected to sources of support.


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Carolyn Paterson

25 Apr 2017

I fully support this project, it would benefit my daughters who have a brother with a disability which challenges their day to day life.

Kathryn Conlin

25 Apr 2017

I fully support this project, being a grandmother of a boy with Autism, who has two younger sisters who would benefit greatly from this project

Carola Cardoso

21 Apr 2017

Excellent idea!!