Fund My Youth Centre

Fund my youth centre

To build a formal room, to connect youth to formal training in leadership employablity

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How will the funding be spent?

The project funding will be spent on building a formal detached room for young people and to upgrade of Plaza's existing main building.

How will the project be delivered?

Clients (disadvantaged, vulnerable and isolated) of Plaza and other young people (17-25 yrs) in particular Aboriginal including long-term unemployed (Work For The Dole Participants - organised by Rebecca Gow the Regional Program Manager - 0426237022) will be put through training (prerequisites) and by RAW Recruitment formally ART Resources Services Pty Ltd – organised by Allan Jones (CEO) – 0414210526 and WORKSKIL organised by Alex Apostolakis the National Business Development Manager; these are

How many people will directly benefit from this project?


How will you measure the impact of this project?

Since the Coordinator has already consulted with a number of disadvantaged and vulnerable young people regarding the project whom have shown an interest in participating in the project; there isn't a need to hold a consultation session with young people in order to recruit participants or to identify their needs and expectations. The Coordinator in collaboration with all parties involved will hold an information session where participants will participate in open discussions and activities then will be required to fill out the Project's Pre-Evaluation form as an approach to revisit their expectations and commitment to the project and explore their strengths, skills, support networks and career aspirations. Participants will be brought together again mid project timeframe to review their Pre-Evaluation form and discuss their progress to-date; and any concerns they may have with the project thus far. This will enable all parties to re-structure the project around participants needs.
On completion of the project participants will attend the final project evaluation session (Focus Group) to review the whole project and participants achievements through group discussions, activities and by privately recording their responses on the Project's Post-Evaluation form. The Focus Group will assist all parties in gaining the participants personal responses about their self-identified progress, confidence, growth and development (quality research method). Finally, participants will be rewarded with their certificates, refreshments, publication in the media and possibly congratulated for gaining employment.
Plaza will provide both quantity (statistical data) and qualify (Focus Group data) as evidence. The statistical data will be sourced from Plaza’s DCSI STAY-CSSP RBA Reporting Template – Client Record regarding the number of young people accessing the service and service outcomes including WORKSKIL participants’ statistical data regarding employment outcomes. Qualify data sourced from the Focus Group - participants personal feedback will be collated and also used as evidence.

The number of responses from the public whom voted or approve of our project will also be taken in to consideration.

How will the project fit this year's theme of ‘Connect, Grow, Build, Belong’?

To upgrade (re-structure) Plaza’s infrastructure by building a detached formal room (with kitchenette) in a quiet, culturally appropriate accessible area that meets WHS, confidentiality and privacy regulations in order to meet the high demand of disadvantaged, vulnerable and isolated young people (10-25 years) in particular Aboriginal, requesting to upskill in leadership and employment whilst accommodating the needs of other service providers (local - metro) willing to outsource agencies withi

Project details



Organisation details

Organisation Name

Plaza Youth Centre INC

What does this organisation do?

Plaza Youth Centre is a not-for profit community-based organisation that is funded by DCSI, Community Support Services Program (CSSP) & STAY Services to Aboriginal Youth (STAY) to provide a service to a diverse group of disadvantaged, vulnerable young people aged between 10-25 years in particular Aboriginal whom come from a low- socio economic background. Plaza develops and runs a number of early intervention, preventative and employability programs including a professional Case Management/Aboriginal Mentoring service in collaboration with other agencies. Plaza also provides fun activities during the school holidays (help comeback boredom an anti-social behaviours during the school holidays) and a Drop-In Service every Friday and alternate Saturdays from 6pm-9pm so that young people whom would generally roam the streets had an alternate safe environment to access with access to fun recreational activities and refreshments. Since Plaza's age group is quite large; Plaza programs are designed age appropriate i.e. Adult Community Education (ACE) Literacy/Numeracy/Employability courses are ran during normal school hours that targets young adults aged 17-25 years including social/life skills programs whilst other programs targeting school aged students are delivered on school sites and/or at Plaza after school. Plaza’s Case Management/ Aboriginal Mentoring Services are run throughout the week.


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Nicholas Formby

27 May 2017

Plaza has helped a wide range of people and continues to do so on a daily basis which I believe is an amazing thing

Jade Bailey-Hassan

27 May 2017

Plaza dose so much good work, we need to help them keep up the good work

Alicia Smallacombe

27 May 2017

Plaza would be so beneficial from this fund as it will help so many kids.

Helen Shepherd

26 May 2017

Please add this to my plan for Whyalla it is a fantastic resource for the youth of Whyalla

Bee McDougall

26 May 2017

Please add this to my plan for Whyalla Youth

Kayla Evans

23 May 2017

Plaza Youth Centre has dedicated staff members and volunteers who provide support to venerable Youth of Whyalla to better their future by providing guidance and a warming welcoming. Their programs vary to provide individualised support for each and every Client and to cater for each individual. Many Youth that I have spoken to that have been connected to Plaza Youth have felt supported and comfortable in the friendly environment that they spend their time participating their activities in. Extra funding towards Plaza youth Centre will be of benefit to their facility to provide further support and for vulnerable youth in the Whyalla Community.

Anthony Cooper

23 May 2017

"When the world says give up, hope whispers try one more time" A quote I have heard throughout my life and truly Plaza Youth centre is a symbol of hope to the Youth in Whyalla who have sometimes been victim to circumstances in life that have been out of their control and allows them to engage in a safe nurturing environment to get onto the road to achieving their goals and dreams in life. The staff at Plaza youth have always been exceptional in the way that they deliver their services and absolutely any form of funding or assistance to help them grow their facilities will only benefit all of the current and future youth of Whyalla in the most positive way.

Debbie Grose

22 May 2017

Whyalla is a community that has limited safe places for disengaged youth to meaningfully engage. Plaza Youth offer programs in an environment that is caring, secure and encourages a sense of belonging while maintaining dignity and individuality.
Programs are offered at times when youth crime is predictably high eg in school holidays and on weekends.
The dedicated space that the centre is applying for funding for will give the centre more room to provide a wider range of activities to attract a wider cohort of ages and interests. With latest statistics showing an increase in the levels of Family violence, youth crime and incidences of drug and alcohol abuse in younger people, it makes sense to support intervention programs that promote empowerment, social justice and an improvement in a quality of life.

Jeff Croft

02 May 2017

The Staff, Volunteers and BOM offer a fantastic Youth Service to the Whyalla Community and have done so for many years. The exciting possibility of Plaza being able to build a formal room will only add to the services plaza already offer and allow more young people to participate and access programs or training in a more confidential and youth friendly environment..

Kylie Whibley

02 May 2017

Plaza Youth Centre has a very valuable unique service offering a range of varied activities and programs to the youth of Whyalla. The centre’s ability to engage young people that have historically been highly disengaged strongly adds value to the life of that young person. The Plaza Youth Centre is highly professional in their ability to offer a respectful supportive service to Whyalla’s youth, their families and disadvantaged individuals who attend the service. In my work role I work closely with the Plaza Youth Centre to add support to disadvantaged, disengaged youth to become involved, positive and productive individuals that otherwise would struggle to move forward in their lives and not have community inclusion elsewhere. This funding would enable the centre to add value to their service which is strongly needed in the Whyalla community for our young community members.

Cindy Zbierski

21 Apr 2017

The Staff, Board and Volunteers at Whyalla's Plaza Youth Centre work dilligently every day to make a difference to young, and mostly disadvantaged kids in Whyalla. As a small Not for Profit, they carry enormous responsibility to deliver programs and services to young people, and their ability to engage with and change the lives of these kids can be paralleled by no other service in our town. This opportunity for additional space will boost the morale of all those who use, or could potentially use Plaza Youth's services, and will be a welcome positive news story for Whyalla at this time.

Alicia Lush

20 Apr 2017

I have been apart of Plaza Youth Centre for 3 years now. Plaza Youth Centre is filled with wonderful people, who have helped me so much. This funding is such a great incentive, as it will be expanding the Plaza Youth Centre, to help even more people. Please get behind this organisation, they need our support!!! :)

Linda Hulsman

20 Apr 2017

The Plaza Youth Centre is such a great place for the young people of Whyalla to be involved in. This funding would benefit the youth as they will have more space to hang out and the Centre would have the capacity for more young people to engage with the service. Please help the PYC and show your support!! 😊

Lauren Chapman

19 Apr 2017

Funding for Plaza Youth will greatly benefit the young people in our community by providing them with opportunities for employment through professional training in a space that is safe, secure and welcoming.

Project Owner

Joanne Jones

19 Apr 2017

Plaza is the only Youth Centre in Whyalla, its services are expanding so is the number of young people accessing the service so let's help Plaza build - extend so that more young people can participate in their programs or training in a more confidential and youth friendly environment..

Kym Bradbury

19 Apr 2017

Worthy cause as a valued service in our community..the money will improve facilitites and better access for the youth of our community.