Foodbank's Mobile Food Pantry

Fbsa mobile food pantry

Help us distribute healthy food to the disadvantaged in harder to reach areas

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How will the funding be spent?

Foodbank will purchase a small truck and fit it out with shelving, fridge and storage facilities. Other costs involved are signage and running costs for the first year of the project. Foodbank will seek funding from other funding bodies for the subsequent years. Food will be sourced from Foodbank's warehouses or via donations from the community.

How will the project be delivered?

Foodbank will work in partnership with welfare agencies to identify the need in harder to reach areas, i.e. Adelaide's Southern suburbs and establish a calendar of visits. These areas might be experiencing a shortage in funding to purchase food for food relief, or might be remote locations with no access to welfare services. Foodbank will stock the Mobile Food Pantry with healthy, nutritious, fresh food and hit the road! Good food will be distributed at very little or no cost.

How many people will directly benefit from this project?

85,000 South Australians per month

How will you measure the impact of this project?

We will run a satisfaction survey with agencies and recipients of the food distributed on a yearly basis. The survey will be designed to:
1. Identify gap areas we might go to with the Mobile Food Pantry
2. Provide feedback on the mix of products available
3. Be the first point of evaluation for further expansion of Foodbank's services in a particular area.

Other than the survey we will keep track of meals distributed via amount of food and South Australians serviced.

How will the project fit this year's theme of ‘Connect, Grow, Build, Belong’?

We want to better connect those in need with healthy and nutritious food. Foodbank's Mobile Food Pantry is an innovative project to reach areas we currently can't service due to logistical challenges and lack of resources. Areas we can't reach include the Southern suburbs, country, regional SA. The Mobile Food Pantry is a creative way to bring food to them!

Project details



Organisation details

Organisation Name

Foodbank South Australia

What does this organisation do?

A not-for-profit and non-denominational community-based organisation established in SA in 2000, Foodbank core concept is simple – to feed those in need by redistributing surplus food.
It is estimated that as much as 30 per cent of all food produced is unsaleable. The products may be incorrectly labelled, have faulty packaging, be part of a trial run or are not produced to exact specifications.
Increasingly, welfare agencies are involved in an ongoing struggle to provide food relief to thousands.
Foodbank SA is the link between these agencies and food growers, manufacturers and processors, providing an outlet to food companies for their surplus stock and a source of nutritious food for agencies. Over the years, Foodbank SA has established strong connections with the food industry to purchase core staple items at discounted rates. This means we can offer our welfare partners healthy, essential food that should be in every pantry.
Over 85,000 South Australians rely on Foodbank services every month, with one third of them being children. It is a sad reality that both the number of people accessing food relief and agencies has grown over the past years, with a further 7,000 people are unable to access Foodbank’s services due to high demand. Of those unable to be assisted, almost 40% are children.
As South Australia’s largest food relief agency, Foodbank supplies food to more than 520 welfare agencies and community groups, and 460 schools across Adelaide’s metro, regional and country areas.
Foodbank research shows that tough circumstances can befall anyone and that the assistance-receiving stereotype just isn’t true. In reality, those going hungry in our community are male, female, young and old, single and in families, students, employed and unemployed as well as retired people.


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Sue Roden

23 May 2017

A great organisation and so helpful for those who are experiencing financial difficulties.

Adolf Nast

10 May 2017

Foodbank is a much needed organisation in these hard financial times and unfortunately the times are getting harder. They need all the support that they can get so they can continue to give out the excellent support that they do..So any organisations out there that read this come on lets back a wonderful organisation that supports our less fortunate in the community.

Graham Wakeling

20 Apr 2017

A very deserving organisation doing such critical work for the community and facing growing demands every day with high unemployment in SA and hard-working families (without work) struggling to keep food on the table. A must.

Sandra Alderman

20 Apr 2017

Great idea that will really help those in the community. Good thing is that Foodbank has no borders and will help anyone in need, encouraging healthy eating along the way for all their clients.
They need all the funding they can get to continue their awesome work.

David Watts

20 Apr 2017

As a member of Vinnies I recognize the important services that Foodbank provides to our clients who are generally struggling to make ends meet. Many clients find it difficult to find transport to Foodbank centres and this mobile service will certainly assist more low-income families to access affpordable food.

David Watts

Rosalyn Williams

20 Apr 2017

Access to affordable food and groceries is essential. Many families struggle to put food on the table after paying essential rent & utilities. This project will enable access to food for families and individuals who are living on very low incomes.

Adolf Nast

19 Apr 2017

Excellent and much needed idea.