Social Enterprise Nursery/Cafe

Minda craigburn grant submission march 2017

Build a Social Enterprise retail nursery employing people with a disability and social disadvantage.

How will the funding be spent?

The funding is a combination of buildings, capital equipment and employee training.
The expense for the buildings is lower than normal due to the partial use of new infrastructure and services associated with the proposed new wholesale nursery.
The capital equipment for the coffee shop consists primarily of shop fitting, and the food preparation storage and serving areas as well as seating and air-conditioning for patrons.
Training will ensure new correct skills in food preparation and service.

How will the project be delivered?

A formal business case, social impact statement, financial budgets for both the planned project and annual operating budgets as well as the project plan are already in place.
The project would be managed by Minda's project management team and many components of the current project plan for the wholesale nursery are already happening.
Addition of the Social Enterprise Nursery /Café will flow into that (expanded) project using preferred suppliers.
Commence June '17- Complete end November '17

How many people will directly benefit from this project?

Will save the jobs of 30+ people with a disability and 5 staff and create at least 6 jobs for people with a social disadvantage.

How will you measure the impact of this project?

A business plan has been prepared for this project and the KPIs include the following --
1---The retail nursery will initially add $50,000 PA sales, growing to $100,000.
2---The café will serve coffee and snacks to bushwalkers and local community and add a further $50,000 in sales PA once properly established, anticipated to be 12-18 months.
3---The jobs of 30+ people with a disability will be saved as the wholesale nursery will remain if this project proceeds and it will then be an integral part of the retail nursery and coffee shop.
4--Up to 6 new people with a social disadvantage will be employed and trained in retail and horticultural skills.
5--A community garden will also be established ( subject to funding from grants)and we expect at least 20 local residents to use that facility on an ongoing basis.
6- A local picnic area will also be established ( subject to funding from grants) and we expect that both local residents and others will use that facility regularly because of the nearby walking trails in particular. It is hard to quantify numbers but with a BBQ and picnic tables included it is expected at least 1000 residents per annum will use this facility.

How will the project fit this year's theme of ‘Connect, Grow, Build, Belong’?

The Social Enterprise will include a community garden, retail nursery and café open to the local residents. People with a disadvantage will work in the facility and also serve the customers, thereby allowing community involvement and connection.
The new nursery complex will grow 30% more ferns and the financial plans shows over 50% growth.
New wholesale nursery within the complex means over $1M is invested for job creation.
Employees with a disadvantage will live locally as part the community.

Organisation details

Organisation Name

Minda Inc. (Craigburn Nursery)

What does this organisation do?

Minda Inc. is a leading supplier of services for people with a disability in SA. It supports over 1700 people with disabilities with over 400 of these engaged in supported employment in 13 Australian Disability Enterprises (ADE)s. Minda is progressively changing it ADE model to a Social Enterprise model by employing not only people with disability but also people with a social disadvantage including economic, age, cultural and religious.
The relocation and transformation of the existing Craigburn ADE model nursery is an example of that transformation. Craigburn Nursery must be relocated due to encroaching housing development and its concurrent transformation to a Social Enterprise model is the economic alternative to its closure ( and the subsequent loss of 30 + jobs for people with a disability) when the new NDIS funding model comes into force.


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Sue Roden

23 May 2017

This will be a great addition to the community and provide opportunities for the disabled and disadvantaged in the community.

Peter Watchman

08 May 2017

People who work in the Nursery will benefit enormously from this new social enterprise project. The nursery provides jobs which provide meaning and income to workers as well as connection with the community. The community also wins, with a café for bushwalkers and mountain bike riders which will become a social focal point for the area.

Leah Hoyle

03 May 2017

This is a win for everyone who is involved with this project proposal. The holistic approach to the entire project allows the disabled, disadvantaged to be involved more with in their community with pride and wellbeing - while learning new skills and promoting independence. Creating and saving jobs another important factor. Looking forward to seeing this develop.

Yvonne Klomp

03 May 2017

This enterprise is so great for the disabled, disadvantaged and the community. The people who are to be employed, will get such a feeling of independence, that it is so good for their well being. Such a benefit for all