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Connecting disadvantged back to community

How will the funding be spent?

Funding will provide shower/laundry services to the Mid North region and connect the community and spark conversations, Orange Sky Laundry started helping people in October 2014. 
 To date, the vans have washed over 103,000 With the help of 600-plus volunteers, the custom fitted vans – each with two commercial washing machines and two dryers – service 71 locations and wash
more than tonnes of laundry each week.

How will the project be delivered?

Employment Directions will project manage the scheduling and prioritise areas of need through data collected from external networks. Volunteers will assist in positively and genuinely connecting while providing the service.

How many people will directly benefit from this project?

150 could be more we are currently trying to obtain figures for our regional areas

How will you measure the impact of this project?

Through our 37 years of servicing this region there is a hidden market of disadvantage friends, who are living in poverty, who are social isolated, couch surfing and living rough. By providing a service our disadvantaged friends can utilise the service without prejudice and judgement. Orange Sky Van already have policy and procedures in place that enable the efficient recording of usage and maintenance required to carry out its service within communities. This is a complex data system that records each use of devise as well has detergent usage and this also provides us with data we can use to measure the need and use within any particular area we take the van within our region.

How will the project fit this year's theme of ‘Connect, Grow, Build, Belong’?

Every day, all over Australia, hundreds of Orange Sky Laundry volunteers help to positively connect with our friends on the street. Yes, there is laundry/showers to have, but more importantly there's conversations to be had and connections to be made. The project can assist in building individual resilience and to positively build confidence and social inclusion back into the community without prejudice or judgment. Gaining a sense of belonging and being valued again.

Organisation details

Organisation Name

Employment Directions

What does this organisation do?

Employment Directions is a not for profit, community based organisation that has been in operation since 1978. Located in Country South Australia and with 6.5 full time equivalent, time across the Mid North, our priority and mission is to assist those most disadvantaged in our communities. These communities include Gawler, Adelaide Plains, Barossa, Mid North, Yorke Peninsula, Port Pirie, Northern Areas and surrounds. We have extensive experience in delivering a wide range of pre-employment and employment, youth and training related services and provided Commonwealth State government funded programs including Youth Connections and Job Services Australia (JSA)., also FLO case management.
Employment Directions currently is on the Panel of Preferred Provider delivering the FLO programme servicing 14 schools . Employment Directions deliver specialised youth services to disadvantaged and youth in need. Employment Directions also Work for the Dole Coordinator Program for the Mid North which is a Commonwealth funded program
A volunteer board of six individuals provide oversight; its members drawn from a cross section of the community. The Board - all of whom have undertaken governance training, meet monthly and provide strategic planning, monitoring and overview of all programs and services based on program reports, budgets and program delivery.
Operationally, an experienced team comprising of all staff with a wealth of industry and community networking experience - including the Executive Officer, oversee daily operations. Meeting monthly, the team review Quality Assurance, Programs and servicing, targets, financial budgets, timelines, policies and procedures, staffing, client feedback, evaluation reports and continuous improvement measures
Employment Directions will in partnership with the clients/stakeholders of the organisation, strive for outcomes for those clients of the following types:
Enhanced opportunity for, and connection with Work for Dole activities
Enhanced opportunity for, and improvement of, levels of education – formal and informal, practical and skills based and socially advantageous
Outcomes facilitating and enhancing positive and social access and improvement in positive social access and performance
In partnership with the clients of the organisation, strive for outcomes for those clients by:
Providing tailored assistance and services to disengaged young people, enabling reconnection with education and their community;
Providing a range of quality services to the community to assist young people to gain and maintain employment and complete Work for the Dole activities. Employment Directions assists young people towards a pathway to gaining their goals and being an active member of their communites.
Responding to the needs of clients who are:
Highly disadvantage; and/or
Short and Long term unemployed; and/or
Disabled; and/or
Homeless or at risk of becoming homeless; and/or
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People; and/or
Culturally and Linguistically Diverse; and/or
Of any age in the local labour market


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Sue Roden

23 May 2017

Just love this as it addresses a real need when you are homeless or disadvantaged.