Wellbeing By Nature

A pycnantha seed

Improving wellbeing through meaningfully connecting with and caring for nature

How will the funding be spent?

Our project will empower people with differing abilities to connect with nature. Our team will run a variety of activities designed to improve wellbeing through nature contact. A trailer equipped with tools and plant propagation equipment is the key to delivering this project, and will enable us to run activities for years to come. We will also use a tablet to introduce participants to nature-based apps for learning about our local environment. Lunch will be provided for some activities

How will the project be delivered?

Working closely with groups such as MIFSA, Neami, SA Health, Baptist Care and Australian Refugee Association, we will run a series of approximately 60 activities that partner organisations can book their clients into, including:
• Seed collection at a bushland site
• Propagation of native plants
• Planting seedlings to re-create habitats
• Bush regeneration activities at a Bush For Life site
• Learning about native plants and animals

How many people will directly benefit from this project?


How will you measure the impact of this project?

We will use a group evaluation process to gather feedback on each activity. The group will be asked about their experience and any feedback on how we can improve. Participating organisations will be asked to provide feedback on how their clients' mental health was improved after their activities.
We will measure the success of the project through:
• Positive group feedback
• Repeat attendances by groups
• Individuals transitioning into our regular volunteering program

How will the project fit this year's theme of ‘Connect, Grow, Build, Belong’?

Connecting with nature is essential for wellbeing. Research has identified a wealth of benefits including improved mood, increased attention, lower levels of stress and anxiety and recovery from mental fatigue. As we help participants to connect with nature, grow native seedlings, and build habitat patches, so too will they connect with each other, grow in confidence and knowledge, and build a sense of belonging as an individual in our natural world.

Organisation details

Organisation Name

Trees For Life

What does this organisation do?

Trees For Life, established in 1982, is a South Australian not-for-profit community-based organisation that gives people the opportunity to take action for the land they love. Community is at the heart of all that we do, and we have over 6000 members and supporters. With experience and local knowledge, we protect and restore farm land and bushland for future generations. With education, we raise awareness about native plants and animals. And with community involvement , we connect people with our local and regional landscapes.


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Jane Schoettgen

23 May 2017

Great idea.

Jill Cole

10 May 2017

This is a very worthwhile project, supporting both the natural environment and individuals with disabilities or disadvantage.

sheila gunson > Jill Cole

16 May 2017

strongly agree

Lindsay Dent

09 May 2017

Trees for Life has very firmly established skills in engaging a range of people in projects that both rehabilitate farm and bush land and build local communities. Please support this project.

Glenys Perri

02 May 2017

A worthy applicant

Christel Mex

22 Apr 2017

Great idea'