Safe Bathrooms for Children

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This project is provide adequate bathrooms for hundreds of in need children each year attending camp

How will the funding be spent?

We plan on making sure that the bathroom facilities at the campsite are suitble for all attending our camps we will do this by;
1. Building a new bathroom block for volunteers to have a separate showers/toilet block to children this is particularly important for child protection
2. Repair and replace existing toilet block for children (doors on showers, ceiling installed, new vanities, mirrors, re-tile, paint, replace toilets needing to be replaced
3. Create a new laundry facility

How will the project be delivered?

We will immediately as the project is approved we will commence with renovations and purchases to enable the building work and renovations to commence. Within 6 months we would aim for the project to be completed and for the children and volunteers to have accessible safe separate shower and toilet facilities. This will ensure that our camps meet best practice for child protection. First priority for this will be purchasing the "portable toilet block" and shed to be installed.

How many people will directly benefit from this project?

850 per year

How will you measure the impact of this project?

We will be very happy to take prior to the projects commencement evaluations about the current bathrooms and their conditions and the children and volunteers feelings of safety and comfort while using them. We will also be able to undertake the same evaluations afterwards and the difference will be amazing. We will also be able to take photographic evidence before, during and after for measuring the impact of the project.

How will the project fit this year's theme of ‘Connect, Grow, Build, Belong’?

This project fits perfectly with 'connect, grow, build, belong' by;
1. The campsite is a holiday house for hundreds of disadvantaged children and volunteers that connect together each camp
2. On camps many of the children grow and develop through trying bike riding, canoeing and many other firsts
3. Through building a separate and much needed toilet block it will enable all of the attendees to be safe
4. The sense of belonging those that attend the camps have will be strengthened through safety

Organisation details

Organisation Name

SOS Children's Villages Australia

What does this organisation do?

Our Association is the Australian ‘branch’ of SOS Children’s Villages
International – a worldwide organisation with 144 International awards for
excellence in its care for orphaned or distressed children. Our only operation in Australia is focussed on our children’s camp at Clayton Bay which we purchased in 2011 – it was originally (in the early 1960s) an Outward Bound camp which was specifically structured as a residential camp for adventure training for young men and women. The focal purpose of the camp is to provide disadvantaged, disabled, and traumatised children an opportunity to overcome their traumas by engaging in supervised adventures and challenging experiences to develop their confidence and deal with their traumas. It is the only facility in South Australia providing this unique program.


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