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vacation camps for disadvantaged and at risk primary school children

How will the funding be spent?

Will be spent on running 10 vacation camps over the next 12 months. 40 children in each camp We would like to set up in 2 new locations....Elizabeth and Morphet vale. The camps run for a week at a time. We would use the funds to employ trained counsellors to work with a small group of children. We would also be able to provide health care and hygiene to the children who need it. Being able to take the kids to the movies and excursions would also add to the value of the children's experiance

How will the project be delivered?

The camps will be under the guidance of a a Camp Director and run in a current DECD site (primary school). We therefore have access to the canteen, where we serve meals to the children and conduct basic cooking classes. It also gives us access to the gym and sports equipment. Under the Camp Director will be 4 team leaders who are trained councillors to primary school children. The team leaders supervise 10 kids and then have 3 or 4 Kickstart for Kids volunteers who interact and help supervise.

How many people will directly benefit from this project?

800 at risk children

How will you measure the impact of this project?

We will measure the project by doing a number of case studies on individual children who attend the camps. We will measure the impact of all of the positive aspects that happen to them during the term of the camps. Impacts such as increased self esteem and well being, learning to cook basic meals, numeracy and literacy improvement thru keeping a journal.

How will the project fit this year's theme of ‘Connect, Grow, Build, Belong’?

Camp Kickstart is aimed at severly disadvantaged, at risk primary school children. This demographic of child does not look forward to school holidays, they are at risk when at home, they feel safe at school. Obviously during school holidays, the services that are provided to these children stop. Camp Kickstart steps in and provides a place where the children can connect with each other and essential services such as food and health requirements. They can grow friendship groups and their numeracy

Organisation details

Organisation Name

Kickstart for kids

What does this organisation do?

Kickstart for kids is a NFP that sets up and runs breakfast, lunch, mentoring and vacation programs in SA for disadvantages, at risk primary school children. We run our programs in 300 schools, serve 40,000 breakfasts every week, make 8,000 sandwiches and have 500 volunteers


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Ray Nancarrow

23 May 2017

I am a volunteer at Camp Kick Start. On my first day I notice children who were angry, distant and withdrawn. As time went by with the interaction of our volunteers smiles came, confidence came and the anger disappeared. It was a time well spent. This is what it is design for. More funding always helps to constantly improve.

Ryan Wheeler

22 May 2017

Camp Kick Start gives vulnerable and at-risk kids somewhere safe to be during the school holiday's. For some children school is more than a place of education, it is a place to feel safe, engage with your friend's and positive adults, as well as getting some much needed nutrition.
The camps aim to not only give these kids somewhere safe to be but also to provide them with an amazing, fun experience. The camps bring in positive members of the community to assist in our personal development programs so these kids can feel loved and given both the confidence to dream and have positive association with alternative pathways to break the cycle of limiting self-belief and neglect.

Sharon Ferrier

19 May 2017

It's not just breakfast, KSFK offers mentoring to at risk kids as well. One hour per week of one-on-one time that contributes to mental well being, personal development and confidence.

Steve Hetherington

19 May 2017

Kick start is sn amazing program, providing volunteers, breakfast club food and activities to support children at our Primary School. At least a 5th of our school attends the Breakfast club each week, with parents and toddlers.
Thank you Kick Start for all of the wonderful support you give to assist our children to promote healthy eating and healthy wellbeing.

Jenny Robins

12 May 2017

I work at a school where we receive food weekly for many of our students. Without the help of Kicstart for kids so many of our children would go hungry. Kicstart for kids provides us with fruit, sandwiches and yoghurt. I believe this is a fantastic programme and one that benefits so many young people. Kicstart for kids would benefit greatly from this funding.

Ann Halford

12 May 2017

Could you please correct the spelling.

Philip Craig

12 May 2017

This is a great cause for disadvantaged kids. The breakfast at schools is a great idea, and these guys deserve funding.