Circus Connect


Youth Leadership Program - building personal & community capacity through dedicated Circus programs.

How will the funding be spent?

Principle costs relate to new casual staff wages to support the participants. Each of the three groups of 30 participants will be supported by Circus Arts Trainers across the 40 week program.
This program is mobile and requires specific touring equipment that relocates multiple times per week to support the identified communities. An existing van requires a suitable upgrade to carry personnel and cargo.
Evaluation of the program will be supported by SA Circus Centre.

How will the project be delivered?

Circus Connect will deliver the SA Circus Centre Youth Leadership program to those communities who cannot access our main site in Bowden.
Communities thrive with strong local participation. Partnering with local community and local Government programs a northern, southern and Adelaide Hills program will deliver weekly workshops, that will introduce skills training sessions and develop creative expression. Participants will coordinate local performance opportunities to show their skills.

How many people will directly benefit from this project?

90 people, 540 contact hours, across 40 weeks.

How will you measure the impact of this project?

Did we reach the target number of participants 90 per week for 40 weeks?
What percentage of participants attended 80% or more.
Using a Motivation and engagement survey: Have participants base line motivation and engagement been improved by participation in the program?
Using a qualitative survey how did the participants rate the experience, what did they learn?; how has the experience changed them?; how have they improved their health/wellbeing/connectedness.

What additional benefits were generated by the project? (Further projects proposed from participants and or unforeseen opportunities growing from the initial project.)

What's the story behind the data?
Case study and personal stories to support future learning.

How will the project fit this year's theme of ‘Connect, Grow, Build, Belong’?

The participants in Circus Connect will develop safe risk taking skills to re engage with education, employment and their families in a 40 week circus skills program for 90 participants.
For over 30 years Cirkidz has connected individuals, their family's and communities. Supported by Uni SA School of Health Sciences research, our projects enhance participant’s motivation and engagement, building confidence and their capacity to translate their newly acquired skills to all aspects of their life.

Organisation details

Organisation Name

SA Circus Centre - Home of Cirkidz (Cirkidz Incorporated)

What does this organisation do?

SA Circus Centre - Home of Cirkidz
Transformative Circus, changing lives.

Provide, nurture and inspire high-quality new circus experiences that connect, transcend and awaken our shared humanity through curiosity, art and play.

The South Australian Circus Centre is a not-for-profit, circus school and artistic performance program that has been around for over 30 years. We strongly believe in the benefits of holistic learning and we exist to empower and transform people of all ages through self-expression and learning in a safe, non-competitive yet challenging environment.

30+ years later we are still empowering people of all ages by enhancing their social, physical and creative development through value based training and a lot of fun!

Our experience and research shows participants in SA Circus Centre programs improve their confidence and coordination in a non-competitive yet challenging environment. Our youth and adult programs build on a platform of safe risk taking to improve strength and conditioning, encourage mindfulness and creative expression.

Uni SA recently completed a study of our school-based workshops, which concluded that circus based skills training in schools increases motivation and engagement in learning and can increase student planning and task management skills.

A further UniSA study to forecast Social Return On Investment in Cirkidz programs found that for every $1 invested, $7 of social return may be generated. Improvement occurred across four key areas concerning children’s mental wellbeing: stress relief, self-esteem, confidence and socialisation.


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Lidiana Bottin

29 May 2017

I love and support this project. Keep doing what your doing Cirkidz, fantastic community organisation.

Suzanne Skibinski

28 May 2017

This is a greT project that helps self esteem and personal skills to young people who may be disadvantaged through learning difficulties but who have physical talent that speaks louder than words

Emma Anderson

16 May 2017

Fantastic idea! Cirkidz is already a phenomenal organisation and this will spread there reach further.

Nathaniel March

04 May 2017

I love this project. The only thing better than circus is circus heading out to those who don't have access to it at the moment!