Gravity Groups

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Connecting and facilitating relationships for people experiencing Social Isolation

How will the funding be spent?

A skilled group coordinator will be engaged to facilitate up to 20 'Gravity' groups with an average of 10 people per group. These groups will meet in various community facilities. The funding will be spent primarily on the salary for the coordinator, set up costs and the associated running costs (printing/ phone/ administration/ hire of facilities).

How will the project be delivered?

A CareWorks coordinator will seek referrals from community groups, disability groups, aged care providers, churches etc. and organise small gatherings of people who will be invited to commit to twelve weeks, during which time they will:
* Get to know each other and build relationships (through relationship building activities and games)
* Share their own stories, and
* Undertake one community project (Tidy a garden/ Clean up a park/ Remove graffiti/ Form a choir etc.)

How many people will directly benefit from this project?


How will you measure the impact of this project?

CareWorks will measure:
i. How many participants attended group sessions.
ii. The satisfaction of the participants - this will be measured by way of a final interview/ questionnaire.
iii. The number of participants (and the proportion of participants) who report that they are socially/ relationally better connected and have an improved sense of wellbeing - again, this will be measured by way of a final interview/ questionnaire.
iv. The number of participants who join a second group

How will the project fit this year's theme of ‘Connect, Grow, Build, Belong’?

Gravity Groups are all about Connecting people experiencing Social Isolation, Growing relationships, and Building a sense of Belonging to a local community.
This project consists of the gathering of small self-directed groups of people who are experiencing social isolation, and facilitating relationship building activities, personal story telling, and the undertaking of one small community project together.

Organisation details

Organisation Name

Churches Of Christ In SA & NT Community Care Inc. (Trading as CareWorks)

What does this organisation do?

CareWorks mission is:
“… to provide practical assistance and to offer hope and opportunities to all people, to grow towards well-being, wholeness and community.”
Its vision statement reads "CareWorks has a vision for a fairer and more compassionate society".
The organisation responds flexibly and creatively to a range of social issues including:
* Emergency Relief (food and financial)
* Financial Counselling directed to people experiencing (or at risk of experiencing) financial crisis,
* Financial Counselling directed to people fleeing domestic violence situations,
* Accommodation for patients and their carers travelling from rural and remote areas for medical treatment in Adelaide,
* Sponsorship of a Classroom Co-ordinator in a ‘Wellbeing Classroom’ at one of the State’s most disadvantaged schools,
* Support of Domestic Violence shelters by way of gifts and food hampers at Christmas time,
* Community food programs and drop in centres (in partnership with local Church communities).


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Kathleen Jones

28 May 2017

A stitch in time saves nine. Timely warm reciprocal support can often turn a needy who experiences growth, into one who helps others. Having a supportive network within which to be supported during difficulties. Interacting with others who have experienced and come through similar situations engenders hope. Hope is empowering. Having a project to be engaged in will develop self worth and satisfaction - There is a tremendous need for projects where getting a hand up to help others, instead of a hand out in isolation, assists in showing and paving the way to a more hopeful, brighter, more engaged future.

Nick Chaplin

25 May 2017

It can be a lonely world out there, It's good to see people help find other people.

Kathleen Jones > Nick Chaplin

28 May 2017

Belonging is something we all crave and benefit from.

Alan Young

18 Apr 2017

A really practical way to bring people together to find a common purpose and build local communities where people feel welcome and can gain the necessary self confidence to participate. A great first step to connect with another in a real way!