CGA Garden Enterprise


Landscape gardening employment and training to break the cycle of poverty.

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How will the funding be spent?

Funding will be used to purchase tools, equipment, vehicle and on the job training facilitated by landscape garden luminary Steven Hoepfner. Much of the additional housing that will come under management of Housing Choices SA will have garden maintenance requirements. With the right equipment and support, the portfolio expansion provides significant opportunities for Common Ground tenants to gain paid landscaping work.

How will the project be delivered?

This project will be an extension of CGA’s thriving Community Garden utilising insights gained over the past eight years. A flexible rostering system will take into consideration individual health and support needs. Work will initially be scheduled and funded through the Housing Choices SA property team. The organisation will explore opportunities for expansion into the broader community as the service develops. On the job training and supervision will ensure safety and quality of work.

How many people will directly benefit from this project?

20 participants in the first year, over 100 of community housing residents through improved garden landscaping.

How will you measure the impact of this project?

The impact of the project will be measured through the number of participants engaged in paid garden related employment. Qualitative data will be captured on the effect of this work on their lives.
We will measure the total number of hours worked and the number of gardens tended.
We will capture photographic evidence of the development of garden projects and track the profit and loss of the enterprise against a business plan.

How will the project fit this year's theme of ‘Connect, Grow, Build, Belong’?

Restoring people to a stable place in the community is as important for the community as it is for those experiencing marginalisation. ‘CGA Garden Enterprise’ places participants directly into paid employment which is both supportive and flexible, alleviating poverty and promoting equality, reduced isolation, social cohesion and hope for a successful future.

Project details



Organisation details

Organisation Name

Common Ground Adelaide

What does this organisation do?

Common Ground Adelaide’s purpose is to end an individual’s experience of Homelessness. Common Ground brings together people on low incomes, many of whom present with a range of issues such as marginalisation through social isolation, living with disability or mental health issues, people escaping family or domestic violence, those working to overcome substance addiction and/or people who communicate using English as a second language.
Our service is centred on the provision of high quality, affordable housing; creating a stable home in a mixed community that is coupled with support, understanding and opportunities so that individuals can become self-sufficient and achieve independence in all aspects of their lives. Creating pathways to employment, particularly employment opportunities that can provide flexibility to cater for periods when people may experience poor health or mental health.
In 2015, Common Ground Adelaide joined forces with the Housing Choices Australia Group. This provides Common Ground Adelaide with increased capacity to grow the housing portfolio under management. Housing Choices South Australia will shortly bring up to 860 Housing SA homes and tenancies under management in the CBD and eastern suburbs.
Common Ground Adelaide has previously trialled a pilot project with residents that involved the landscaping of Common Ground properties, which resulted in above award wages paid to participants, overall project costs lower than professional quotes - gardens that looked fantastic. Whilst this project will focus on Common Ground and Housing Choices South Australia properties it is hoped it will in the future, broaden to the wider community.
Common Ground has a strong history of supporting residents into employment opportunities, and proudly employs a number of tenants in maintenance and facility management.


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