OzHarvest Food Rescue Vehicle

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OzHarvest needs a food rescue vehicle to deliver nourishing food to vulnerable people in need.

How will the funding be spent?

OzHarvest is in need of a new high-load capacity refrigerated van to replace our old Hino truck, affectionately named Primrose. The purchase of a new Iveco truck would enable OzHarvest to expand food in Adelaide’s Northern suburbs, and rescue over 400,000 meals each year, providing over 8,000 vulnerable people each month with nourishing food. The costing includes an Iveco Daily Van, and the refrigeration/insulation, spray painting and OzHarvest branding to make this new vehicle road-ready.

How will the project be delivered?

The new vehicle will be used to rescue food within the Adelaide’s Northern suburbs, collecting and distributing good, surplus food to people in need. OzHarvest Logistics staff will purchase and fit out the new vehicle, then Professional Drivers will use its increased capacity to expand the Northern Adelaide food rescue service from 29 charitable agencies to 37 charitable agencies, reducing charity’s food spend and redirecting vital funding into education, employment and rehabilitation programs.

How many people will directly benefit from this project?

Over 8,000 disadvantaged South Australians each month (96,000 per year) will receive vital nourishment in the Northern suburbs of Adelaide enhancing their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Over 400,000 meals will be delivered to local charities per year whom will also benefit from a reduction in their food spend, enabling redirecting of funding into other services.

How will you measure the impact of this project?

The project will be measured by recording and reporting outputs from use of the replacement vehicle, including:
- the number of meals collected and delivered each month,
- the number of charitable agencies food is delivered to,
- the number of people assisted through this food.

Outputs are used to determine food run design efficiency to ensure that optimal, nutritional, surplus food is being collected and redistributed to agencies supporting vulnerable people in need. Our targets for this project are:
- Over 130,000 kgs of good, surplus food will be rescued each year with this vehicle.
- The equivalent of over 400,000 meals will be delivered to charities each year supporting people in need.
- This vehicle will be used to provide expanded food delivery to a total of 37 agencies (increase of 8 agencies).
- 8,000 people each month (96,000 per year) will be supported through food delivery to charitable agencies.
- Environmental benefits through the reduction of over 260 tonnes of carbon emissions and water consumption savings of 18,590,000 litres (through redistributing surplus food).

How will the project fit this year's theme of ‘Connect, Grow, Build, Belong’?

Rescued food is provided to vulnerable people, giving them an opportunity to nourish themselves, their families and to connect with neighbours, friends and the wider community. This food is usually cooked by agencies and provided to socially isolated and vulnerable people, bringing people together and encouraging enhanced well-being and social connection. This service opens opportunities for disadvantaged South Australians to connect with charitable agencies and access other support services.

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What does this organisation do?

OzHarvest is a not-for-profit, for­-impact organisation that nourishes disadvantaged children, youth and adults with nutritious food, education and engagement through our innovative programs. OzHarvest rescues surplus food from restaurants, retailers, food outlets and corporate kitchens and delivers that good food, at no cost, to charities who feed vulnerable men, women and children in need.

OzHarvest was founded in Australia in November 2004 to address two fundamental challenges in society - the staggering waste of quality excess food and the growing need for food relief for the vulnerable in our community. Since inception, OzHarvest has made a tremendous impact, and has:

• Rescued and diverted over 20,000 tonnes of quality excess food from going to landfill.
• Delivered the equivalent of 60+ million meals.
• Collected excess food from 2,000+ donors and delivered it to over 900 charitable agencies.
• Saved over 2 billion litres of water (2,906,842,510L) as a result of food rescue.
• Prevented 40,000 tonnes of carbon emissions by diverting food waste.

Our purpose is to Nourish Our Country and we fulfill our purpose through our four pillars:

1. Rescue - excess food and deliver it to those in need
2. Educate - communities vulnerable and non-vulnerable alike
3. Engage - with the corporate sector, communities, and individuals
4. Innovate - BIG ideas

We also provide education, skill development and employment pathways for disadvantaged young people through our programs NEST (Nutrition Education & Sustenance Training) and Nourish (hospitality, job readiness, mentoring and placement program). Engagement is core to our business, and we engage people through our national volunteer program (our “yellow army” of over 1,500 people), and sustainability marketing campaign Think.Eat.Save, with our partners United Nations Environment Programme.


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Joanna Collins

26 May 2017

OzHarvest is a wonderful Organisation- an excellent initiative, food rescue & education for the community.