MY playground

My myponga playground plans

Myponga’s very first community playground

Project details

Who will benefit from this project?



How will the funding be spent?

The land space that has been kindly donated to the community from the local church, 1000sqm of undeveloped land. This is a staged project and The Association will complete stage 1. Then we will be able to start stage 2. We seek $80377 from Fund My Community 2017 to cover Stage 2. The Myponga Progress Association has a local landscaper who will manager this project. We will also endeavour to utilise community volunteers where possible to reduce costs.

How will the project be delivered?

The Association has fortnightly meeting to keep on track. We have prepared a project management brief and time line for delivery and undertaken a risk management analysis. We will work closely with the local landscaper on the Fleurieu. As parents we have a passion to see this project through and our children are excited to have somewhere to play in Myponga. We also have bigger plans and want to achieve more for this isolated community. This is the foundation and first project for positive change

How many people will directly benefit from this project?

This project will attract 10,000 to 12,000 visitations per year conservatively.

How will you measure the impact of this project?

“visitation and up take by community and visitors”
By committing our time and energy into making this project happen, we will be able to judge the impacts by visually seeing the usage of the facility. Feedback will come naturally from parents and the kids themselves.
“ strengthen and more sustainable businesses in the main street due to increased foot traffic”
To encourage new people to set up new business.
The site is located on the Main South Road and so families traveling into the Fleurieu will be able to buy their lunch at the local bakery or General Store and let their children have a play. We hope a coffee shop may open expanding the offer to locals as Myponga has no Hotel or restaurant.
The drainage will change a very wet patch of land in winter and turn the space into a valued shared play-space. All added play features are sympathetic with the space.

How will the project fit this year's theme of ‘Connect, Grow, Build, Belong’?

The Myponga Progress Association is responding to community need by establishing a place for the local community to meet. The proposed changes will bring our young families together and encourage local children to socialise with each other rather than in the street.
The playground will give the Myponga community a sense of belonging. Myponga is a small community which has grown rapidly. Its the "Gate way" to the Fleurieu and is in desperate need of community infrastructure.

Project details

Who will benefit from this project?



Organisation details

Organisation Name

Myponga Progress Association

What does this organisation do?

Our Association promotes the progress and wellbeing of the community socially and culturally, with the respect to the environment and to benefit the economy of the region. We also like to establish and enhance partnerships with likeminded stakeholders which will encourage resources into the district to work collaboratively with all members of the community. The association is to support the needs and improve the experiences of all citizens, from the young to the elderly.


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Mark Neugebauer

12 May 2017

As a parent of 5 children, My Playground for Myponga would be an amazing infrastructure program for the families of the Myponga township and surrounds. Myponga is already very popular with tourists and other Adelaide residents visiting the towns amazing Markets, Micro Brewery, General Store/Post Office, Bakery, Chemist and complimenting surrounding businesses. This playground will benefit locals and tourists alike and if it is designed and built to cater for children living with a disability it would be an asset not only to the local children living with a disability but also children visiting the township. Playgrounds are always a great asset for a town as it encourages children to connect, learn and play together as well as families being able to interact and get to know one another assisting in a cohesive community when complimented by other town attractions such as Myponga has. Great project, initiative and plan.

Ian Richter

05 May 2017

Myponga lacks any off-street play space for young children. The town is growing rapidly with an influx of young families.

Carolyn Atkinson

22 Apr 2017

This would be great for myponga bring more people into the town and somewhere to take my grand children i think also installing a couple of barbecues would be of benefit