Victor Harbor Men's Shed

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Install commercial kitchen in the new Victor Harbor Men's Shed

How will the funding be spent?

Funding will be used to provide a commercial kitchen in the new Victor Harbor Men's Shed facility that will commence construction around July 2017. The new commercial kitchen will create a social hub for the facility where members of the Men's Shed and other community groups can meet to share a meal and provide support and companionship. The kitchen will enable cooking lessons to be provided for men that may be suffering from the loss of a loved one and may be apprehensive in the kitchen.

How will the project be delivered?

The purchase and professional fitting of a commercial kitchen will be assisted by the members of the Victor Harbor Men's Shed

How many people will directly benefit from this project?

There are over 80 members in the Victor Harbor Men's Shed group that will use the kitchen space as the social hub of the facility to relax and create friendships. On completion of the new shed, more programs will be created including inter-generation interaction through workshop mentoring activities. The kitchen area is an integral part of attracting community groups to use the facility on days not utilised by the Mens Shedders.

How will you measure the impact of this project?

The kitchen area will support the rest of the facility as a meeting place not only by the men but by other community groups using the facility. The group encourages men to call in for a cuppa and chat without the requirement of using the other of the sheds equipment. A new commercial kitchen in the new purpose built facility will enable Men's Shedders to offer innovative programs for their members and the ability to attract other community groups to the facility with the knowledge that the participants will have access to a well equipped, easy to use and safe food preparation area. The success of the project will be measured by the number of people using the kitchen including for special programs, courses and activities and related improvement in the skills of the attendees.

How will the project fit this year's theme of ‘Connect, Grow, Build, Belong’?

Victor Harbor Men's Shed will respond to a community health need by providing a facility enabling men to meet in a relaxed environment that encourages personal interaction, communication, learning and doing through the sharing of experiences, information, concerns and skills. The kitchen / meeting area will be the social hub of the facility. Members will also appreciate the opportunity for cooking lessons.

Organisation details

Organisation Name

Victor Harbor Men's Shed

What does this organisation do?

The Victor Harbor Men's Shed organisation was established as a men's health initiative in response to the growing number of men who were becoming increasingly isolated or feeling less useful within the community. The new Men's Shed facility will establish a permanent place in Victor Harbor for men (and on certain days, other community groups) that provides social interaction and activities to maintain their health and wellbeing. The new facility will contain a workshop, recreational space and meeting facilities.


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Darryl Keane

16 May 2017

The development of the Victor Harbor men's shed will be a fantastic community resource that will provide locals with an opportunity to develop new skills, work in a team of like minded people and support men's health whether it be physical or mental.

Just to know your not the only person in the world with problems and be able to laugh and enjoy talking to others in a friendly and non judgemental atmosphere is just heartwarming.

Darryl Keane

Lynne Dee

13 May 2017

A fantastic way for men to get together and socialize. So often it is considered that men don't need to interact with other men. This is so wrong and I have seen first hand how men coming together has helped so many on so many levels. I am so pleased that the City of Victor Harbor recognizes this and has their Men's Shed on their agenda. Well done. This will be such a wonderful venue for men to come together in a non threatening environment and interact, learn, teach, talk, listen, laugh, relax, share and belong. A fantastic way to lessen the demand on our mental health system.

Mike McInerney

06 May 2017

A most worthy initiative for the City of Victor Harbor and its environs. Such a facility would ultimately benefit the whole community.
It will provide a focal point for many persons and within its walls, it will be able to make contributions to the fabric of the region.

christopher Wright

02 May 2017

Having been involved in earlier programmes teaching basic cooking skills to men as are addressed by this project, I am fully aware of the dire need. Helping men achieve confidence in what is, for most, a strange environment, i.e. the kitchen, greatly bolsters not only their confidence and sense of being able to achieve, but enables them to not only feed themselves well after the loss of their wife, but more importantly, in many cases allows them to be better carers for their sick or incapacitated spouse.

The need for such a service, and the popularity and success of the same has already been established by previous programmes which were of necessity conducted from temporary third party venues. There is an ongoing need as demonstrated by course inquiries. As such this facility is of prime importance in enabling the Victor Harbor Men's Shed to further meet their goals and purpose, and secondarily in being of great practical assistance to community members. Finally communal cooking and eating, e,g, BBQ, is not only part of the Australian way of life but it is a common denominator across societal and cultural and age parameters.

This project is of great significance to the people of Victor Harbor

Jeff Treloar

01 May 2017

The Men's shed provides an informal, welcoming environment where no demands or obligations are put on members. It provides a social community for for men who may feel lonely or socially isolated but may not feel comfortable committing to more formally structured clubs or organisations. It also provides an opportunity to be involved in community benefit projects, if they so choose.

Peter Manuel

29 Apr 2017

With 65% of the population over 65 years of age and a large proportion of single people, mental health and social inclusion initiatives are badly in need of support. From small beginnings, this project meets a clear need and need the development of facilities.

Brenton Hay

24 Apr 2017

I fortunately continue to enjoy a healthy life with my wife, soulmate & best friend of 42 years, and the mere thought of living alone fills me with feelings of great fear, trepidation & self doubt about my ability to cope on many levels. The Men's Shed plays an indispensable role in helping to fill this gap in the lives of many unfortunate men & the addition of a well equipped kitchen will enable them to learn not only to survive but perhaps even be creative in a culinary sense, thus gaining feelings of self worth & an ability to add another dimension to their social skills.

Allan Edmondson-Stott

21 Apr 2017

Due to the age demographics of the Victor Harbor area, the Men's Shed is of great importance to men that have retired or stopped work for other reasons. It gives men a chance to re-communicate with other men and assists greatly with alleviating mental health issues.
The new kitchen will be used to help train men who, through no fault of their own are now living alone or are have become full time carers. It will give them the opportunity to learn how to cook and eat healthy alternatives.

Herman de Roos

19 Apr 2017

This will be a vital part of the Mens Shed as socialising and comraderie are an important part of the aging process particularly invoving men which seem to have been forgotten about when their spouse passes away or for other reasons.

Trevor Beaton

19 Apr 2017

This is a much needed project in the Victor Harbor area. The new men's shed is designed to provide a safe haven for people suffering from isolation and related problems in our area. The proposed kitchen will provide a vital role in developing programs to assist and bring people together in a fun way.