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Facilitating wellbeing and social connectedness through informational, educational social activities

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How will the funding be spent?

The funding will be used to engage a Community Link Coordinator for 2 days per week for 11 months, and to cover Coordinator's fuel expenses, laptop, phone and stationery to enable promotion of activities via fliers, media, presentations, information provision to participants, communication with service providers/organisations, training of volunteers to continue project; venue hire, urn, catering, bus fuel to transport participants who otherwise could not attend; production of evaluation report.

How will the project be delivered?

Community Link will deliver 22 social activities, being 11 Second Saturday Socials, and 11 Fourth Friday Feasts, all of which will incorporate information sharing, self-care tips, educational presentations by guest speakers and time to chat. Information about upcoming local events and assistance to access service providers and community organisations/groups will be provided. Second Saturday Socials incorporate afternoon tea, music and dancing, and Fourth Friday Feasts include bring-a-plate lunch

How many people will directly benefit from this project?

40 people initially at each activity with the expectation that numbers would increase throughout the year. Additionally, the ripple effect could mean up to 100 or more people benefit indirectly.

How will you measure the impact of this project?

The number of service provider information brochures, fact sheets, community event fliers etc. taken from the information folders will be recorded after each event. Evaluation forms will be completed by participants following each of the 22 events and an end of project survey will be distributed to all people who attended any of the events throughout the project period. Their contact details will be accessed from the Participant Registration forms. Among other things, the survey will include questions asking about the number of activities attended; whether any service providers/organisations/local groups/local events were contacted/attended as a result of information acquired at Second Saturday Socials or Fourth Friday Feasts. Participants will also be asked if they have had any social contact with any other participants whom they first met at one of the project activities, either on the phone, by email, or in person; if they have maintained contact; if they have joined any groups; tried or maintained any of the self-care tips; their perceptions of the impact, if any, of the 'Smile' and 'Random Acts of Kindness' initiatives that were promoted throughout the Community Link project on their feelings of wellbeing and/or sense of belonging; whether or not they requested any assistance from the Coordinator; satisfaction ratings; what, if anything, is different about their lives now than it was before they attended a Community Link event and do they attribute that to their participation? The Community Link Coordinator will compile all of this information into a report at the end of the project.

How will the project fit this year's theme of ‘Connect, Grow, Build, Belong’?

Community Link aims to empower local residents who are unpaid family caregivers or who may themselves be aged, or experiencing chronic illness, pain, disability, social anxiety and/or isolation, socio-economic and/or geographic disadvantage, unemployment or discrimination, to maintain or improve their health, wellbeing and quality of life through participation in enjoyable informational educational friendly social activities where they can feel safe to connect or reconnect with their community.

Project details



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Carers and disAbility Link Incorporated

What does this organisation do?

We link people with disabilities, carers and the aged with care and support services through flexible and inclusive choices within our local community.


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