Youth Street Bus

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Youth Street Bus- keeping everyone safe. An after hours project that aims to ensure all can belong

Project details



How will the funding be spent?

An exciting project for young people, Youth Street Bus to be available Wednesday, Friday, Saturday nights after hours. The bus will support young people anywhere, in homelessness, child protection, safety, family violence, drug and alcohol misuse or other support or connection need by a worker with experience in this area teamed with our amazing volunteers. Aiming to ensure young people can belong in their community even when they may not feel they belong or are able to connect elsewhere.

How will the project be delivered?

delivered together with co design from young people and community. Has the ability to support strengthening of their capacity to develop ideas, solutions and responses to social needs and formulate a activity plan. The bus will operate after hours on weekends and during week on select days. late night basketball and other activities together with drive around to ensure our young people and community are safe (total cost $98,000) will be delivered via leveraging funds from our organisation.

How many people will directly benefit from this project?

250 + young people through the bus and social connection activities

How will you measure the impact of this project?

1.‘How much did we do?’
# of young people accessing bus service
#after hours social connection/therapeutic activity programs offered
#young people accessing social connection and skill development activities after hours
# any individual accessing bus after hours and provided with support in classified extreme weather events who are vulnerable or homeless
2.‘How well did we do it?’
% young people who feel they are better connected and valued in their community after accessing program
% young people accessing program who state they are more hopeful about their future and know where to access support if needed
% of delivered after hours services that have at least 3 follow up supports services to young people provided with external agencies with young persons agreement, understanding and consent
3.‘Are the beneficiaries better off?’
# and % of young people accessing after hours program with improved health/wellbeing/connectedness as reported on entry and exit feedback/wellbeing evaluation
# and % of young people report developing new skills that they will transfer to other areas of their lives after the project
# and % of young people who participate in at least one program planning/youth leadership or other support program within West Coast Youth suite of services after attending any after hours social/activity session or are picked up by the bus on more than one occasion

How will the project fit this year's theme of ‘Connect, Grow, Build, Belong’?

This project aims to support vulnerable young people, on the street after hours, with qualified staff to support any risk and safety concerns alongside volunteers striving to connect with their community and make it a better place. We aim to ensure that targeted youth activities after hours with the Youth Street Bus will support young people and the broader community to grow together. Building a stronger more resilient community accepting of the needs of all residents. Together we belong

Project details



Organisation details

Organisation Name

West Coast Youth and Community Support Inc.

What does this organisation do?

West Coast Youth and Community Support Incorporated has been operating in Port Lincoln for the past 34 years, initially starting as a youth crisis accommodation service in 1984.
The organisation is now a dynamic and innovative local community service agency providing practical support and programs to adults and young people impacted by housing crisis or homelessness together with a variety of early intervention, youth leadership and education and employment program supports. We are also a leader in recovery support options for mental wellness for youth and families and addiction support via skilled counsellors and clinicians. We believe in local services for local people and that those most vulnerable, marginalised and isolated members of our community should have access to similar life, employment and education opportunities as everyone else, particularly our young people. We believe that our regional communities are amazing places to live, work and play. We believe that if we can partner and collaborate together, to ensure all who live in our region are connected and valued, our communities will be great places for our young people to stay and work in or return after study. We deliver these services through a quality assured, best practise and professional service that employs and supports qualified people to stay in the region to live, work and potentially for some raise their families. We are locals supporting locals.
We provide support to youth, families, individuals and the community in Port Lincoln and across the Eyre Peninsula in a wide range of areas both within a supportive, service delivery framework but also a preventative and capacity building model. We believe in a hand up- all individuals have the capacity to contribute to decision making and ultimately their own life outcomes and future directions.
We take pride in being one of only two independent local based regional homelessness services in South Australia.


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