Dog Assisted Interventions

Wheelchair and dog

Dog Assisted Interventions: Activities, Education and Therapy

Project details



How will the funding be spent?

1: Part funding: -salary for a volunteer coordinator to organise and manage programs that are delivered by volunteers & dogs (whom are experts in their fields)
2: Developing Program: Form further partnerships with SA Service Providers: Engage and Educate in benefits of incorporating AAI Program within their current services.
3: Service Delivery of AAI Program: (activities, education, therapy) increase and advance social inclusion, encourage communities and opportunities for people across SA.

How will the project be delivered?

Working closely with other SA Service Providers, we will implement strategies to increase partnerships, AAI program access and community participation rates for people living in South Australia. Inclusive of all cultures, age groups, nationalities, disadvantaged and abilities.
An inclusive action plan with easy to implement Dog Assisted Interventions programs along with ongoing support will be offered to the service providers.

How many people will directly benefit from this project?


How will you measure the impact of this project?

• Measurable impacts will include the number of people in our community, both clients and SA service providers engaging with us.
• Communications with existing SA service provider partnerships (aged care, disability, hospitals, community houses, mental health services and community) through our network.
• Increase in participation rates at various facility destinations.
• Number of AAI programs conducted
• Number of participants
• Level of satisfaction of participants in relation to the support provided and the suitability of the activities
• Number of participants with improved wellbeing
• Number of participants with increased skills and knowledge
• Attendance is kept and satisfaction is measured by questionnaire.

How will the project fit this year's theme of ‘Connect, Grow, Build, Belong’?

Our project aims to provide a range of unique activities incorporating dog interaction, education and therapy. Everyone will have access to safe, organised activities that encourage people of all ages to increase their level of physical activity, improve their health, community inclusion and enjoy meaningful participation and acceptance regardless of their background and physical abilities. Increasing sense of belonging and improve social cohesion in South Australia.

Project details



Organisation details

Organisation Name

Therapeutic Dog Services Incorporated

What does this organisation do?

Providing a wide range of programs to thousands of adults and children each year, including forming mutually beneficial, complementary therapy programs, throughout SA Service Providers facility sites within South Australia (hospitals, nursing homes, community houses, disability and mental health services)
The principle activity of the company is
• promoting human health and wellbeing with animal assistance and conducting education and training.
• service delivery of Animal Assisted Interventions: Activities (Therapy Dog Services), Education, Therapy, and Wellness and Be Active Programs.
• Partnering with other S.A Service Providers and Business facilities to form mutually beneficial programs.
• to provide quality, innovative and inclusive services to support and enable people with acute illness, ageing, living with disability and mental health, and their families to reach their full potential.


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