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Building the skills and confidence to plan, shop, prep and cook simple healthy meals

How will the funding be spent?

Let'sCook@Bedford will provide a fun, relaxed class to build basic cooking skills - increasing independence and confidence with meal planning, food selection (on a visit to the Central Market) simple cooking lessons and will culminate in a shared meal and celebration.
Participants will learn about menu planning, nutrition, balancing treats with healthy options, develop safety awareness and hygiene, learn about kitchen tools and processes and learn 7 simple meals to share and enjoy.

How will the project be delivered?

LetsCook@Bedford will be offered across three sites: Panorama, Torrensville and Elizabeth. Each course will be limited to ten participants across 9 courses, reaching 90 people with disability. Participants will learn 7 basic meals including salads, pizza and pasta, roast, curry and casserole and apple crumble. A large focus will be on the planning and shopping process as well as hygiene and kitchen safety and the final session will include a group celebration.

How many people will directly benefit from this project?

90 people with disability

How will you measure the impact of this project?

Participants will be asked about expectations prior to commencement and asked for feedback at the completion of the course. Meals and processes will be photographed and a tailored recipe book provided to each participant showing actual meals made during the course. Trainers will report weekly to the project manager and provide a summary of attendance and successes and areas for improvement for each course run.

How will the project fit this year's theme of ‘Connect, Grow, Build, Belong’?

Participants will connect with each other and their local community throughout the course; visiting the Central Market, discussing meal choice and recipes, discussing food choices and affordable meal options.
Let'sCook@Bedford will grow skills and confidence in the kitchen, building knowledge and finding a sense of belonging both amongst the group and through the ability to cook and prepare for friends/ family.
The course will culminate in a group celebration sharing a healthy, delicious meal.

Organisation details

Organisation Name

Bedford Group

What does this organisation do?

Bedford supports people with disability by promoting individual choice and control, empowering people with disability to live fulfilled and happy lives.

We support people with disability across 19 sites in South Australia including six regional sites from Pt Lincoln to Mt Gambier. We provide varied employment and training across four commercial businesses and build real skills in manufacturing, hospitality, landscaping and horticulture and fast moving consumer goods.

We also provide Day Options support for people with higher support needs and accommodation services in partnership with Unity Housing, but above all, we pride ourselves on offering tailored solutions to change the lives of people with disability by building capacity, independence and wellbeing.


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Mark O'Connor

05 May 2017

I hope this program answers the tough questions like, how do I make my favorite pizza, and how do I toast fruit bread using a toaster.
This program should be funded for ever

Tara Bowering

05 May 2017

Wow! A fantastic project to assist people with a disability to live full and inclusive lives. To learn to cook is an amazing experience we should all have, it brings people together.

Colleen Barrow

04 May 2017

An exciting project to give people with disabilities the gift of cooking and to be able to socialise and have fun at the same time. #raisingthebar

Tristan Dunn

04 May 2017

This is another great initiative from Bedford that will provide excellent opportunities for skills development for people living with disability across our community.

Lauren Marshall

04 May 2017

Fabulous for people with disability to learn basic cooking skills and be able to cook for themselves! Great initiative from Bedford.

Jane Muscat

04 May 2017

Well done, once again to Bedford Group, for their caring and sense of belonging that they give to their participants.

Steve Jones

04 May 2017

fantastic initiative