Ground to Table


Bringing people at risk of isolation together through growing and cooking healthy & sustainable food

How will the funding be spent?

A Community Development Project Officer (CDPO) will be recruited for one day a week over 12 months to engage and support potential participants, coordinate relevant skills training and support the development and facilitation of the program. They will also assist participants to promote their program for the final component of the program 'to the table', preparing menus and cooking for community members as a celebration of their achievements.

How will the project be delivered?

CDPO to be recruited and program fully developed/facilitators engaged
Stage 1: Using community development principles, attract and engage target participants
Stage 2: As a group, and supported by CDPO collaboratively plan and develop community garden
Stage 3: Plant and cultivate agreed vegetables
Stage 4: Cooperatively develop marketing collateral, develop menus and cook for community members
Celebration and Evaluation conducted

How many people will directly benefit from this project?


How will you measure the impact of this project?

How many participants from our target group did we engage?
How many people started and finished the Ground to Table program?
How many people feel more connected as a result of their participation?
How many people learnt new and transferable skills as a result of their participation?

How will the project fit this year's theme of ‘Connect, Grow, Build, Belong’?

The program is designed to engage and support people who are isolated providing opportunities to connect and foster a sense of belonging through engagement. Connect, Grow, Build, Belong relates to skills acquired and connections people make as they practice soft skills of communication and negotiation while also cultivating more practical skills like propagation, cultivation techniques, preparing menus and cooking produce for others thereby growing confidence & skill sets for independent living

Organisation details

Organisation Name

The Hut Community Centre

What does this organisation do?

Th Hut is an independent community centre located in the Adelaide Hills. Our vision and purpose is to support community to live in and contribute to a healthy, connected, supportive and strong community. Our community programs and services are designed to improve the well-being, independence, self-esteem and skills of Hills residents and to strengthen the capacity of the Hills community through both direct engagement and support for other community organisations. Our programs and services include Adult Community Education, Emergency relief and No Interest Loans, Interest Groups, healthy living activities for the aged and interest groups and skills based/life skills workshops in our community shed and garden facilities. Although situated in Aldgate, our reach covers the whole of the Hills region through our networks and partnerships that support our philosophy of working with others for community benefit.


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John Kemp

29 May 2017

I'm a volunteer with The Hut Community Centre and see this project as a very significant project for our community. It will be a great addition to the support The Hut already gives to our more senior citizens who are in need of assistance.

Ted Setnikar

26 May 2017

Its important to get extra funding to assist disadvantaged people in the more remote areas of the Adelaide Hills and to improve their ageing lifestyle, this is a great project!

Steve Moloney

23 May 2017

I love this project. It will bring people together and help give them a sense of purpose and achievement.

Elizabeth Witton

23 May 2017

Projects like this have already been proved to be effective in other regions, bringing long lasting physical and mental health benefits to all the participants.

Jeanette Burgess

23 May 2017

This is a project that will have far-reaching benefits; teaching people in isolation or with health issues with hands on activities. Planning, growing, cultivating and harvesting; all essential ingredients for a full and healthy life.