Nature Play Outdoor Space

Nature play

To create an interactive nature play outdoor space

Project details



How will the funding be spent?

The funding will be used to re-develop the backyard of the Port Pirie Child Care Centre which includes extensive refurbishment and landscaping so we can provide children with a safe, natural outdoor space. It includes removing existing structures which are sub par and are currently dangerous, clearing the existing space and extensive landscaping.

How will the project be delivered?

We have sourced quotes from local suppliers who have committed to being able to deliver the services at the centre. These suppliers understand that the project needs to be undertaken in stages and must be completed during 'down time' for the centre so that the disruption to families is limited.

How many people will directly benefit from this project?


How will you measure the impact of this project?

Reduce safety incidences currently experienced in the outdoor environment
Reduce lead exposure while still encouraging vibrant outdoor play
Increased wellbeing and resilience
Increased outdoor learning opportunities for children

How will the project fit this year's theme of ‘Connect, Grow, Build, Belong’?

This space will give the children an opportunity to 'Connect, Grow, Build and Belong' as they develop unrivalled skills for the future. It is becoming more widely accepted and established in the research of child development that being outdoors and in nature is fundamental to child development. Research shows that when children are engaged in unstructured play outdoors it improves their wellbeing and resilience and increases their abilities across the early years learning framework.

Project details



Organisation details

Organisation Name

Port Pirie Child Care Centre

What does this organisation do?

The Port Pirie Child Care Centre provides a long day care service for families in and around Port Pirie. The social demographic that the centre caters for is diverse and the town experiences the effects of high lead exposure due to the operation of the Nyrstar Smelter. Many of the families experience high levels of social disadvantage and are working with the Environmental Health Centre (EHC) to reduce the lead levels of their children, as such we work very closely with the EHC to provide these families with the support and care they require.


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Yvonne Young

21 Apr 2017

Please fund this worthy cause, this community based child care centre in a disadvantaged area which caters for working parents and also offers respite care for children desperately needs a facelift in its outdoor play space to allow for a better space for the children to learn, develop and grow.