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A self-sustaining social enterprise providing employment opportunities to young refugees.

How will the funding be spent?

The requested funding will be used to finance the start-up of MYSA’s social enterprise, Miss Mysa Events (MME). We are requesting funds to purchase and refurbish a caravan bar available to be hired for special events. The remaining funds will go towards training including responsible service of alcohol, floristry, make-up, event management, photography and graphic design accreditations. Funding will also be used to purchase uniforms for young people. MYSA will contribute $80,000 to the program.

How will the project be delivered?

MME will be comprised of two services: (1) a unique vintage caravan bar; and (2) an event planning service including event styling and management, furniture hire, floristry services and event photography. MME will employ refugee young people and provide them with transferable social, interpersonal, practical and job-ready skills through MYSA’s “Skilled Up Program". Young people will also receive wrap-around case management, remedial education and mentoring support from MYSA.

How many people will directly benefit from this project?

The project will initially target 60 young refugees aged 16-24 years. After 6 months, they will be moved on to allow another 60 young people to enter the project. As MME expands, so will the job opportunities for young people.

How will you measure the impact of this project?

The success of MME will be measured against three key indicators, and will be assessed after 6 months, 12 months and 18 months:
1. Bookings: The number of bookings MME is receiving will indicate the success of our marketing and promotions strategy and fundamentally the success of the business in an open market. Although it can be expected that the number of bookings may be less in the first 6 months as the enterprise builds a reputation in the industry, this will be monitored and reassessed at the 12 and 18 month mark. The number of bookings will also indicate whether the enterprise is operating at a profit and subsequently providing work and income for clients.
2. Client Uptake and Participation: The number of clients enrolling in the Skilled Up Program and participating in paid work experience with MME will indicate the success of the program in regards to skill development and work experience for disadvantaged young people. The project targets 120 young people per year, and success will be measured against this number at 6 months, 12 months and 18 months.
3. Client Outcomes: The number of clients transitioning into paid employment will be measured to determine ultimately how successful the program has been. After the first 6 months of the project the first group of 60 clients will be receiving paid work experience, and so this outcome will be measured at the 12 month mark (When the first group of 60 clients are expected to have transitioned into paid work).

How will the project fit this year's theme of ‘Connect, Grow, Build, Belong’?

Participating in employment is a foundation of social inclusion, and is particularly important to the settlement experience for refugees. Miss Mysa Events (MME) will provide training, work experience, interpersonal skills, and references for young people to secure long-term, stable employment. Further, MME will break down barriers between refugee young people and the broader South Australian community, providing opportunities to grow, share and connect with people from all walks of life.

Organisation details

Organisation Name

Multicultural Youth SA

What does this organisation do?

Multicultural Youth South Australia Inc (MYSA) takes a leadership role in ensuring that disadvantaged children and young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds have the opportunities and support they need to fully participate in the life of the community. MYSA currently services approximately 4000 children and young people per year, many of whom have high and complex needs including homelessness, family breakdown, social, behavioural and mental health problems, drug and alcohol problems, disengagement from school, family and community, and a pre-migration history of trauma and loss or separation from family.

Increasingly, MYSA has been supporting young people struggling to secure stable employment. Census data shows that South Australia has the lowest workforce participation rates for refugee youth aged 18-24 years relative to the rest of Australia. This is a source of legitimate concern as the South Australian refugee youth population is growing annually at a faster rate than the national rate. We also know that young refugees experience a range of individual, social, cultural and systemic barriers to employment. Current responses to tackling youth unemployment are simply not working and innovative ideas and approaches are needed, which is why MYSA have been working to develop a social enterprise to provide training and employment opportunities to young refugees.


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Kathleen Jones

29 May 2017

Refugees do not always have the networks which many generational South Australians enjoy. Assistance in gaining a career path will save many $millions resulting from unemployment, disengagement, temptations and risky distractions young people face. This intervention is truly worthwhile. A hand up always preferable to hand-outs.