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Awareness for the prevention of stillbirth in high risk communities

How will the funding be spent?

Each year thousands of babies are stillborn in Australia. Close to 60 % of these births are linked to families from a lower social economic background or have cultural and linguistic barriers . This means if you are within these groups, the rate of stillbirth increases from 1 in every 70 births compared to 1 in every 135 births. Our aim is to produce a no sound/ picture centered, sub titled commercial that can easily educate the hish risk communities that need it most based on the research.

How will the project be delivered?

Still Aware will engage with a media strategist. We will also engage target group area experts to ensure our message is delivering our desired outcomes to our target groups. These groups will include the Multicultural Society of SA, The dept of Aboriginal affairs and Deaf Can Do. Crafty Design have offered their
"in kind support" of Direction and Props to the value of $13.000. Together with these industry experts and Network Seven, Still Aware will deliver a first of its kind commercial in SA.

How many people will directly benefit from this project?

Directly benefiting more than 2000 bereaved families in the year of delivery. This together with the Still Aware's initiatives has the capacity to impact and save the life of 1 baby per day and impact the broader community at large. 50% of the population have the ability to be impacted by this campaign.

How will you measure the impact of this project?

There are various ways we will measure our impact of this project., both short and long term. Media monitoring will allow Still Aware to gain statistical and insight data on the number of views of each time the commercial is aired.This can be filtered down as far as high/low impact viewing times and location. Web site statistics, including clicks, follow through rate and minimum time spent on each page can be tracked based on a TV call to action, commercial times and dates. Statistical information ( including demographics) can also be gathered through our social media channels. Further follow through to other Still Aware resources such as ordering brochures, attending education sessions or attending Still Aware event will allow the Still Aware team to engage with community and directly ask if this campaign impacted their decision to further engage with Still Aware. The overall measurement of this project can be measured through the Australian Bureau of Statics in terms of the number of stillbirths in Australia. It can also be measured through the Perinatal Outcomes unit of South Australia, specifically detailing stillbirths that have occurred in lower socio- economic backgrounds and cultural groups.

How will the project fit this year's theme of ‘Connect, Grow, Build, Belong’?

This project will allow our target groups to feel connected and engaged with the community through gaining awareness and knowledge from our initiative. It will empower them to ask questions, engage with the community (reducing barriers) and receive a higher level of health care, creating integration and a sense of belonging in our community.

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Organisation Name

Still Aware Limited

What does this organisation do?

Still Aware are committed to raising awareness of the very real statistics of Stillbirth in Australia and are working towards the reduction of preventable stillbirth. We encourage and support dialogue around the realities of loss, in order to break the silence and taboo surrounding stillbirth and combat the greater societal, emotional and psychological impact of such tragedy in the lives of many South Australian families. Still Aware educates clinicians, mothers and families about stillbirth and prevention to promote open communication in the community.


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Jaylee Cooper

25 May 2017

As a bereaved mother who has experienced the heartbreak of stillbirth I encourage everyone to support the incredible work of Still Aware