River Renewal Roadshow

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Building knowledge and resilience in River Murray communities

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How will the funding be spent?

Conservation SA will coordinate a series of local events to unite different sections of the community around the health of our fragile river environments. The River Renewal Roadshow will work with local community leaders to provide information and inspire communities across the state to support riverine recovery. These events will feature the SA River Fellows, local leaders who are committed to protecting the Murray-Darling River, including traditional owners, farmers, and business leaders.

How will you measure the impact of this project?

Project success will be measured with the following indicators:
How much did we do?
Measured by: number of roadshow events, number of participants attending events, number of information products provided at events, and number of participants opting to receive further information about riverine recovery.
How well did we do it?
Measured by: % of participants satisfied with roadshow events, % of River Fellows and speakers satisfied with roadshow events.
Are the beneficiaries better off?
Measured by: % of participants who provide positive feedback about the events, % of participants who indicate that their knowledge of riverine recovery has increased due to attending the event, % of participants who know how they can continue to be involved in riverine recovery.
Collected data will be submitted in the required progress and final report formats.

What does the project aim to achieve?

The River Renewal Roadshow aims to support and nurture an engaged, informed and active local river community through provision of information about existing and planned wetland management initiatives to address river health, and opportunities for community involvement. By providing a forum for sharing stories of connection to the river and hopes for future ecosystem and community resilience we aim to galvanise community support for the Murray-Darling Basin Plan and the programs it supports.

How will the project contribute to Riverine Recovery?

The roadshow will promote the environmental objectives of the Riverine Recovery Project by informing river communities about the project’s initiatives to bring back flow variations, the importance of delivering environmental water savings, and the resulting ecosystem and community benefits. By encouraging shared experience and learning we will contribute to building resilient River Murray communities that are committed to a thriving and sustainable future.

Project details



Organisation details

Organisation Name

Conservation Council of South Australia

What does this organisation do?

Conservation Council SA is the voice for South Australia's environment. As the state's peak environment organisation, we represent over 50 environment related community groups across SA. Together with our supporters we are creating a
movement of people who care about nature and a sustainable future for our state. Together we are a force for positive change. Our projects focus on nature and well being; conserving land, water and air; protecting native plants and animals; and promoting sustainable living. We do this by empowering, engaging and educating our community. We champion the people who care about their environment and increase community awareness of challenges and solutions.


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