An all-terrain wheelchair


Provide an all-terrain wheelchair to enable disabled people to explore otherwise inaccessible trails

Total funding requested


How will funding be spent?

Funding will be spent on the following:

• EQUIPMENT PURCHASE: The TrailRider wheelchair will be purchased and imported from Canada, before being fitted with an electric assist motor and disc brakes here in Australia.

• TRAINING: Training will be sought from SCOSA about working with disabled people to ensure that the best possible experience is had by visitors.

• EVENT LAUNCH: A public event will be held in the Mount Remarkable National Park to celebrate the project completion.

How will the project be delivered?

Stage 1: August - December 2017. Import of TrailRider wheelchair and design modifications to suit Australian conditions and standards.

Stage 2: January - April 2018. Training of the sherpas that will be tasked with providing the guest experiences.

Stage 3 April 2018. Public launch at the end of the fire danger season and the beginning of the nature-based tourist season in the region.

How will the project benefit the region?

Cost of equipment is one of the biggest barriers to providing accessible tourism. This grant will allow us to provide disabled visitors with free access to an all-terrain wheelchair.

The project will support existing nature-based tourism experiences. It will allow our region to develop new appealing & accessible tourism experiences.

The outcome of the project will raise the awareness to our region's unique appeal & help build the capacity of our community based tourism network.

Organisation details

Submitted by In The Flinders

About In The Flinders

In The Flinders is a nature based tour operator. We believe that nature is for everyone & that one of South Australia's inherent strengths are the standout walking journeys in the Southern Flinders Ranges. We want to make these experiences as inclusive as possible and allow everyone to take part.

We provide volunteer services for trail maintenance, trail running events, & assist people to participate in outdoor recreation through our community organisation, the Southern Flinders Trail Runners.


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Paul Grant

29 May 2017

Used same equipment at Halls Gap - free to borrow and also has an electric motor for the steeper bits.

Robyn Abell

19 May 2017

This is a fantastic idea. Good luck.

James Hutchinson

19 May 2017

Nice work! Good luck!

Marianne Clarke

15 May 2017


Samantha Jeffery

15 May 2017

Amazing, everyone needs social inclusion!

Charlie Charles

15 May 2017

Great idea.

Ben Hockings

15 May 2017

Such an innovative idea - well done!

Andrew Coleman

15 May 2017

I think this is fantastic idea. Opening up spaces outside of major cities is important; by allowing mobility-impaired people access to an extended environment we allow carers and family access as well.

Geoff Deer

15 May 2017

Brilliant idea. Wish there was something available for us to use.

Parrish Fatchen

14 May 2017

This is awesome, good luck guys 😎👍👏👏👏

Peter Bice

14 May 2017

Excellent initiative. Good luck!!

jon lang

14 May 2017

Brilliant idea! My sister in law is in a chair due to CP, and this would absolutely be a game changer for those in a chair like her. She loves being taken for walk around the streets in her regular chair, but even that can be awkward with poorly maintained footpaths in ADL, let alone if she comes up to us in the hills or back home to Yorkes where they are at times lacking completely. A genuinely great idea!

Ziad Junblat

14 May 2017

Awesome Idea guys, best of luck.

Sally Caston

14 May 2017

Brilliant idea - well done to your team! Let us help you make it happen!

Anita Rundle

14 May 2017

Great idea guys. Thinking out of the box and giving everyone a chance to experience the best that nature has to offer. Good luck.

Justin Parise > Anita Rundle

15 May 2017

Let's get it done!