Arid Recovery Education Centre

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Field classroom for wildlife education and visitors to the arid zone

Total funding requested


How will funding be spent?

We will make a large classroom and bunkrooms for overnight camps as well as day visitors to the Education Centre.

The funding will be spent on placing and retrofitting second hand buildings that have been donated by the Roxby Downs Caravan Park. Funds will go into new flooring, fixtures, an outdoor deck, wiring and furniture (chairs, bunks, projector screen).

How will the project be delivered?

We have drafted a building plan for the project and will source materials with help from Arid Recovery volunteers and local businesses. The Rotary Club have generously offered to retrofit the donated buildings with their team of tradies.

Works can start in March and be finished in July.

How will the project benefit the region?

The Arid Recovery Reserve protects the most wild bilbies in South Australia. The new Education Centre will enable even more school children, community groups and tourists to encounter these special animals.

Large groups of students will be able to stay overnight at the Reserve among the bilbies and bettongs and learn what it is to be a conservation scientist through hands-on workshops.

The Centre will also encourage more visitors to the region and give a boost to businesses that serve tourists

Organisation details

Submitted by Arid Recovery

About Arid Recovery

We look after wildlife in arid South Australia and bring the wonder of animals like bilbies and bettongs to the community through education programs, tours and community events as a not-for-profit organisation.

Arid Recovery hosts school and university groups on camps where students meet rare animals up close and learn the science behind how to conserve them. Over 1000 people come on wildlife encounter tours each year & we regularly host community events in Roxby Downs, Andamooka and the region


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Greg Suosaari

17 Jan 2017

It sounds like you're half way there...hope this gets you over the line. Great work, very inspiring!

Ann O'Sullivan

09 Jan 2017

Fantastic idea.

John Wilby

09 Jan 2017

Great idea, best of luck

Angela Hawdon

09 Jan 2017

Love it and best of luck!

Tony Holden

06 Jan 2017

Good luck with your application - a very worthwhile proposal.

Fee Moellner

04 Jan 2017

This is such a fantastic idea. Anything that helps educate gets my vote. Good luck guys and keep up the great work.

Steve Bennett

04 Jan 2017

All the best for the grant, the educational centre would be a real asset to the programmes run at Arid Recovery and benefit the whole community.

Craig Allen

04 Jan 2017

Great project with strong community support, great for tourism, and protecting bilbies. What's not to like!

Troy Dare

04 Jan 2017

Looks like it's been well though through, with the materials already located, and the right trained help to get it all in place. Great community effort. Nice work.

Glen Norris

04 Jan 2017

Good luck AR and keep up the great work..!

John Crompton

03 Jan 2017

Good luck Arid Recovery team, hope this gets funded as its a great idea

Finn Htzch

22 Dec 2016

Good luck Arid Recovery team! I hope this idea gets funded :)