emPower Port Adelaide Festival

Submitted by Michael Clarkin

Through a program of films, keynote speeches, master classes and activities, the emPower Port Adelaide Festival will inspire people to make their community, state, country and world a better place.

Speakers will include humanitarian/filmmaker/author Alison Thompson OAM who established a post-earthquake Refugee Camp in Haiti with Sean Penn and Laurel Papworth, who is considered Australia's #1 Social Media influencer.

Problem you're solving

The idea will benefit the Port Adelaide community on a number of levels.

Firstly, local business owners will benefit by having access to a Social Media leader; the calibre of Laurel Papworth who will provide advice to business owners as to best leverage Social Media as part of their marketing mix. By including Social Media influencers, the event has the potential to have a great reach through Social Media platforms, both in the lead up to the Festival and through live twitter back-channels.

Furthermore, high profile guest speakers such as Sydney-born Alison Thompson will provide national and international publicity opportunities and should attract interstate visitors, in addition to visitors from across Adelaide and South Australia, providing an economic tourism boost to the area.

Finally, the event will offer employment and training opportunities to locals who are interested in or studying event management, through the establishment of an organising committee and appropriate delegation of tasks.

Your solution

The project will be delivered by utilising established venues in the Port Adelaide area. Venues such as the Semaphore Odeon cinema; local cafes, local pubs and function centres (such as the function areas at the Semaphore Palais), would be ideal to host events. The money will be spent by engaging guest speakers inclusive of flights and accommodation. The costs of venue hire will also be covered as well as basic office overheads including marketing materials such as Sponsorship Proposals for private partners.

Estimated funding required



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Matthew Fenech

12 May 2015

The Port Adelaide area is a great area to live and visit - we need more exciting ideas like this to invigorate the area and put the Port Adelaide on the map!

Ben Stevens > Matthew Fenech

15 May 2015

What an exciting idea to bring port Adelaide to life

Katharine Pratt > Matthew Fenech

18 May 2015

It's great that there are so many fresh ideas starting to sprout outside of Adelaide City finally! This sounds fabulous for the Port.

Rezz Levandovski

07 May 2015

"At a time when Australians might be tempted to cynicism and looking inward, Alison Thompson's story revives our optimism and shows the powerful difference a committed individual can make."

Please support the emPower Port Adelaide Festival. I would love to hear Alison Thompson's keynote address and participate this extraordinary, inspirational Australian's volunteer workshops to emPower the Port!

Gus Rocklyn

07 May 2015

I love the idea of bringing social media guru Laurel Papworth to the Port. I hope to make her session as I'm sure I'll learn Social Media techniques that will drive my business.

Laurel Papworth > Gus Rocklyn

09 May 2015

Thank you for your kind words :) Laurel @SilkCharm

Matthew Rugari

07 May 2015

I've been following the #emPower Port Adelaide Festival on facebook. The proposed volunteer public works have the potential to reinvigorate areas within the Port for the long term. You have my support!

Vili Milisits OAM

06 May 2015

As a family business owner, our business is evolving to embrace Social Media as a significant part of our promotional mix. To provide access to an expert in monetising Social Media - Laurel Papworth - to Port Adelaide business owners as well as the wider Adelaide business community, will provide invaluable knowledge. Furthermore, the proposed community events, such as volunteer works projects, will foster a great sense of pride and help put Port Adelaide on the national and international map. I hope you give this worthwhile event a favourable consideration.

Laurel Papworth > Vili Milisits OAM

09 May 2015

Thank you Vili Milisits OAM I'll definitely keep your request in mind when it comes to the workshop/presentation :) Laurel @SilkCharm

Rosemary Milisits OAM

06 May 2015

This event has the potential to have a positive lasting impact on the Port Adelaide area and community. I have known the organiser Michael Clarkin, a University of Adelaide Commerce graduate and a Churchill Fellow for several years. Michael is a dynamic young man who I'm sure will deliver sensational results. He is worthy of your support.

Greg Mackie

06 May 2015

Port Adelaide is a great location for an event such as this. Characterful heritage and easy access to public transport from Adelaide City centre. The Port is a place ready for positive change. A burgeoning arts community, a lot of pride among local residents - and dolphins - Go Em-Power!

Steve Byrne

04 May 2015

Great idea which will resonate locally!