Fire Fighters Memorial Wall

Submitted by Frank Brennan

The establishment of a permanent memorial to those volunteer fire fighters who have lost their lives while fighting wild fires across South Australia.

Problem you're solving

The Memorial is stage 1 in the development of the South Australian Volunteer Fire Fighters Museum complex at Naracoorte. The primary objective behind the development of the Museum complex is being able to present and preserve the history of the volunteer fire fighters and to be a conduit for the education of the wider community, particularly our youth, on the role of the volunteer fire service in South Australia since its inception as the emergency fire service in the 1940s and its evolution into the SA Country Fire Service over the past 75 years. The collection currently comprises CFS vehicles; items of fire fighting equipment; uniforms; numerous photographs and items of memorabilia - and continues to grow. The museum will provide the broader community with a chronology of the history of volunteer fire fighting in South Australia and provide an invaluable educational facility to demonstrate the many advances in fire fighting technology and equipment throughout the history of South Australia's volunteer fire fighting service through to the modern day. The Museum building will also enable appropriate housing the collection in a single location (currently housed in numerous temporary locations) that will ensure it is maintained and displayed in optimal condition.

Your solution

The $50,000 from the "fundMY idea" program will allow stage 1 of our Museum complex project to come to fruition and provide a community focus and the impetus for further fund raising and community support. The SA Volunteer Fire Fighters Museum Inc (SAVFFMI) is a not-for-profit community based organisation whose primary objective is to conserve and promote the history of volunteer fire fighting in South Australia. The SAVFFMI has been very successful in amassing an historic collection of fire fighting vehicles, equipment, uniforms and memorabilia from across the whole of South Australia and we are now facing a challenge in being able to appropriately house, restore and display the collection. Funds raised by the SAVFFMI are limited and the reliance on grants, donations and partnership funding is of paramount importance to bringing the Memorial Wall and Museum complex project to fruition.

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Phillip Mayes

11 Jan 2016

More than happy to lend support for an excellent initiative such as the construction of a dedicated memorial for firefighters in SA.

Rebecca Lohmeyer

11 Jan 2016

Happy to show support.

Matt Hann

09 Jan 2016

We need to remember our members who have fallen while giving to the community.

Peter Little

08 Jan 2016

A worthy project befitting fire fighters.

Brenton Ragless

08 Jan 2016

A brilliant initiative. While memorial services will always play a part, it's essential for emergency services personnel to have a permanent fixture where people can honour and reflect all year round. This is an integral part of any fire museum the world over.

Mark Taylor

07 Jan 2016

I Think that this is an excellent idea, it would be an excellent way to honour the memories of our fallen colleagues/

Dianah Mieglich

07 Jan 2016

Absolutely supportive of this initiative.

I would respectfully suggest that in recognising any lives lost that the scope be broadened to include any incident not just 'wildfires'.

Volunteer capability is in line with professional/paid/retained emergency services personnel. Scope of incidents include road crash rescue, hazmat, structure fire, confined space to mention a few.

This initiative is very much a smart way to bring all the current history and memorabilia together.

There may also be an opportunity for collaboration with the expanded focus of the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC as it
appropriately reflects the impact of broader natural hazards on the Australian community and the need for emergency services, land managers, all levels of government and the private sector to understand a range of hazards more thoroughly.

Cr Hullabaloo

06 Jan 2016

A grant most worthy of approval. Respect.
Bruce Hull, Councillor City of Marion

Andrew Patten

06 Jan 2016

Believe it's important to honour the fallen.

Robin Marlin

06 Jan 2016

Very worthwhile project. Good luck with this.

Wally Bolt

03 Jan 2016

More than happy to show my full support.

Augie Gray

02 Jan 2016

Happy to support this great initiative. Best of luck, Rex.

Steve Byrnes

29 Dec 2015

Happy to show support

Robert Bowley

28 Dec 2015

Very happy to show support and help for this in any way. What a wonderful idea to have a memorial.

steve weber

28 Dec 2015

happy to show my support


27 Dec 2015

Happy to show my support to remember those doing their best as volunteers.

Brett Rumball

27 Dec 2015

Very happy to show my support. Rex and his team have shown great determination in bringing this idea to fruition and it would be great to finally see it come to light one day.

Sarah Duff

19 Dec 2015

Glad to be able to show my support for a project that has been in the pipeline for so long. South Australian CFS firefighters are just one part of the volunteering bedrock that makes our communities strong and sustainable. Preserving this rich volunteering heritage is a fitting way to honor the past generation and inspire a future one. The memorial would be small thanks to the families and friends of firefighters who have lost their lives in the service of others. Please take this chance to cast your vote in their support.
Remember them.