new matching modern chairs

Fnp100gy rapidline stacker chair grey

purchase modern, matching, comfortable chairs, for our community hall, including delivery to Auburn.

Total funding requested


How will funding be spent?

The funds will purchase modern, comfortable chairs for the Auburn Institute. these need to be stackable for storage purposes. Having modern matching comfortable chairs will increase the use of the Institute by members of the Auburn and surrounding communities.

How will the project be delivered?

once our funding is successful, we will purchase the new chairs and have them delivered to our community building

How will the project benefit the region?

The Auburn Institute is used for Dinners, fundraising events, Markets, Meetings, exercise classes, etc. Plans are in place for major repairs to roof and ceiling of the Institute, and will restore the facilities to a "fresh look". Once in full use, it will need new modern comfortable chairs for patrons, encouraging more use of the facilities. The Auburn Institute is 150 years old, and our community is committed to a maintenance project, and ensuring the use of this facility well into the future.

Organisation details

Submitted by Auburn Community Development Committee (ACDC)

About Auburn Community Development Committee (ACDC)

ACDC is a peak body of the CGVC, and has formed numerous subcommittees which manage local events and projects such as CJ Dennis Dinner, Christmas Eve in the Park, Auburn Park projects, Cemetery beautification. It is also the mechanism through which our community can raise local issues for discussion at Council meetings, request for Capital Works and maintenance in our community.


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