Riverton Skate Park

Sensational skate park 9309189

Providing a Skate Park facility that the community can be proud of, for the Riverton region.

Total funding requested


How will funding be spent?

100 % of funding will go towards the Skate Park project.
10-15% will go towards Design Expenses - Civil Engineering, architectural Consultation, Survey, construction documentation.
85-90% of funding will go towards Construction Expenses - Demolition, administration, travel, permits, drainage, equipment hire/rental, materials.
Community fundraising will also be a major contributing factor that will go towards making sure we carry out this project to its full potential and the completion stage.

How will the project be delivered?

The Clare & Gilbert Valley YAC (Youth Advisory Committee) will be delivering this project with the guidance and assistance from the Youth Development Officer, local council and community organisations as well as community members. Employment Directions will also be a major supporter by providing guidance and making sure policies and procedures and guidelines are adhered to throughout the process. As well as following legal responsibility ensuring the project can meet safety regulations.

How will the project benefit the region?

Through this project there is more opportunity for social interaction with other youth which helps develop trusting and cohesive communities. Skate parks also provide a safer environment for skateboarding to occur. There is a growing body of evidence linking physical activity to great mental health benefits. Which adds importance to providing such facilities. Skate parks can also displace other less desirable activities within communities. Its a key space for activity and personal expression.

Organisation details

Submitted by Employment Directions

About Employment Directions

Employment Directions supports our community by providing enhanced opportunity for people to make connections through our Work For the Dole activities. It also provides tailored assistance and services to disengaged young people, enabling them to form connections with education and their community. We assists young people towards developing a pathway to help them gain their goals and become an active member of their communities. We also assist clients and students gain employment.


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Shelly Adams

13 May 2017

This park needs to be in the community so the kids have something to with their spare time

Linda Adams

13 May 2017

Please vote we need this for little people 😊

Ellie Harris

11 May 2017

This is a great and fantastic idea.
It will give the kids of Riverton something to look forward to and I know they will use it alot