South Port (SA) Youth Retention Program

Submitted by Penny Mc Kenzie File

The program seeks to retain and increase our youth retention program, to ensure we are able to survive and grow as a viable community service organisation.
Our youth members are the future leaders of not only our club, but also the community.

Problem you're solving

An increase in residents with emergency service training supported through the local community education programs will enhance the preparedness for disaster and avoid potential loss of life. The engagement and retention of youth in the community will improve the clubs ability to respond to rescue situations and deliver a higher standard of service during patrols.

The impact of this program will lead to improved morale and retention of our youth, and develop and increase enthusiasm to continue to serve the local community.

Your solution

The grant will be spent entirely on recruiting and retaining youth members; with a commitment to education and training. This will ensure the delivery of emergency services and community services in the local community. Such activities include: Surf Rescue Certificates and Bronze Medallion, as well as camps and social activities to promote team bonding and community spirit.

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Kieran Nurmi

06 May 2015

Firstly, don't the surf clubs already apply for grants for this kind of thing?

Secondly, there are other surf clubs that need more help with their juniors than South Port. Aldinga have no where near the same level of members in competition.

Lastly, this is a retention program. As in stopping members from leaving. That sounds like there's a problem with the club community environment and social aspects rather than a lack of funding.

Allison Alexander > Kieran Nurmi

08 May 2015

I think you might be missing the point here, yes clubs, all clubs can and do apply for Community funding from various funding bodies, this is done by volunteers who strive to make their club a great place to be.

When nippers graduate out of juniors there is not the same level of structured engagement with the club and their peers, so I say well done South Port in having the initiative to encourage these young adults to further their life saving journey it's not about the number youths they can get into competitions.

It's about being part of the community, living a healthy life style and keeping that learning path open for them. These funds could support new programs.

It's not about stopping them from leaving its providing more reasons for them to stay fully engaged in the life saving community.

Grants are out there for whoever wants to be proactive in trying to secure additional funding for their clubs.

kyla glover

04 May 2015

the skills learned at surf life saving can be carried through life and can be adapted to a whole bunch of careers within the is such a great healthy life style that should be encouraged to all

Travis Thompson

01 May 2015

Surf Life Saving is a great way of getting kids out and teaching them great life skills for saving peoples lives and partaking in the community and being fit and active. Southport is a great family club and would be good for them to get this grant to help increase the number of youth programs at the club.

Angelique Goad

01 May 2015

Great life skills taught whilst contributing to a great community service - please support this.

Craig Smith

30 Apr 2015

A great club with a fantastic member base and a proud history. Retaining our youth ensures our beaches will be patrolled and public safety can be maintained well into the future.

Nicole Berry

30 Apr 2015

This funding is vital to ensure retention of our younger members. Surf Life saving is a unique sport in that not only do our youth participate in surf sports events, they also undertake training and develop skills that will enable them to save lives, and will hold them in good stead as they become young adults. It is important that our youth are given every opportunity to explore all pathways that are available to them in surf lifesaving and for us to be able support them in every way possible. Gaining this grant would be a huge step in the right direction.

Carla Zeitz

30 Apr 2015

The benefits to our community from having Youth exposed to the broad skills, knowledge and resulting confidence that this program provides is invaluable and ongoing.

Amanda Cushing

30 Apr 2015

A valuable resource to benefit and enhance the development and growth of youth within the club which will have an overall impact on the community.

Deborah Sinclair

28 Apr 2015

Small clubs need the help like this to help provide the young people in the community with life skills that will be invaluable.

John Devitt

27 Apr 2015

This is a great initiative on behalf of the Government to provide a possibility to gain funding for a very worthwhile community service

Lyndon Mills

26 Apr 2015

Providing a essential community service

Dick Olesinski OAM

26 Apr 2015

A great club in a great organisation that enables young people to gain life skills as well as being able to save lives.