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Think Australia First – Aussie Supplies is a community based movement designed to highlight the importance of buying locally made Australian products direct from manufacturers, growers and producers.

Problem you're solving

The manufacturing industry is one of the highest employers globally and currently its experiencing difficulties in Australia with consumers choosing to buy imported products coupled with an employment trend towards services. We believe manufacturing is an art which needs to be passed on to generations to come.

There is a notion that Australian products cost more, but if all the 16 million purchasing population of Australia, ‘think Australia first’, when making a purchase the cost of manufacturing drastically reduces. This, in turn, makes manufacturing sustainable and products more affordable.

Currently many Australians believe buying locally costs more, and we want to tackle this through education. Think Australia First will promote the idea of “thinking” Australian when sourcing products online. Through this thought we intend to change the culture many Australians have about the price associated with buying the product, as well as educating them on the price for our country if they don’t support local businesses.

While our aim is to get Australians to 'think Australia first', we understand that we live in the 21st century and the importance of bi-lateral trade is valuable to any country. Our initial position is to educate Australia on the importance of buying local however our end goal is to take our fantastic products to the world; focusing on our geographical neighbours first; we estimate Australia has an ability to touch 400+ million people in surrounding countries who are in their country’s premium sector.

Your solution

Think Australia First - Aussie Supplies has identified that education is the critical part of moving the Australian’s perspective while simultaneously encourages their choice of buying locally made.

We aim to educate the public by using:
• Online forum and blogs: discussing local regions, products and recipes
• Podcasts and vlogs: interviewing business owners about their products, company and people so we can create stories and make their brand realer and easier to recommend with friends and family
• Cooking show: using YouTube we can take the vlog component and showcase locally produced products. We can work with prominent community hubs in each region to educate the local public on their local manufacturers
• Children’s cartoons: using animations, we can bring short educational videos to the younger generations
• After educating the community, we offer a clear and trusted online portal to find and purchase local manufactured and grown products.

The Funding would be used to develop and promote the portal/campaign and its content.

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vinay sagar

18 May 2015

Gud Luck..

P pinto > vinay sagar

19 May 2015

Good luck! Support "made in Australia" products! You live here, why support somewhere else?

Lucy Marks

17 May 2015

Great idea but I don't understand how you are to spend 50k? A lot of it seems to be online content. Who is actually making it happen?

ketan jhaveri

17 May 2015

Awesome concept and brilliant idea... Make it happen...

ketan jhaveri

17 May 2015

Awesome concept and brilliant idea... Make it happen...

Ashton D'sa

17 May 2015

All the best!!

Joel Haire

14 May 2015

Go Ozzie

Steve Parks > Joel Haire

15 May 2015


Amy Cosh

14 May 2015

Great concept, gets my vote!

Joel Haire > Amy Cosh

14 May 2015

We desperately need this to compete against countries that only pay lip service to free trade

renny pinto > Amy Cosh

15 May 2015

Great Idea

Idea Creator

Steve Grigoriadis > Amy Cosh

16 May 2015

Thanks Amy! Please help by spread the message :-)

Frankey Fernandes

14 May 2015

Seems very promising... great scope... all the best.

Idea Creator

Steve Grigoriadis > Frankey Fernandes

16 May 2015

Thank you Frankey

Please share with friends and family!

Ralph pereira

12 May 2015

Great initiative

Idea Creator

Steve Grigoriadis > Ralph pereira

16 May 2015

Hi Ralph

Thank you so much. Please share :-)

Mukul Singla

11 May 2015

Sounds like a fantastic idea and something that SA needs at the moment.

Ralph pereira > Mukul Singla

12 May 2015

Great initiative!

Idea Creator

Steve Grigoriadis > Mukul Singla

16 May 2015

Hi Mukul

Thank you for voting! Please share this with your friends and family