Urimbirra Cafe Project-Stage 1

Urimbirra cafe project

All things are possible when a community unites and believes in their ability!

Total funding requested


How will funding be spent?

Funding will be used for the purchase of commercial cooking equipment to ensure that the proposed Stage 1 of the Urimbirra Café Project - kitchen upgrade meets all health and safety requirements and will provide a well designed, efficient work environment. DOME's employees, volunteers and our Hospitality Training School students who may have a range of specific needs, are all our top priority.

How will the project be delivered?

DOME proposes to lease the kitchen and café, outdoor eating area and playground from the owners of Urimbirra Wildlife Park for the purpose of developing our social enterprise model. A site visit from the manager of Workskil's Work for the Dole program resulting in negotiations for work teams to assist in the renovations of the kitchen/pantry, café area & toilets, outdoor eating area and playground. If approved, this would become an integral part of Stage 1 of the project.

How will the project benefit the region?

The funds for the purchase of cooking equipment would enable DOME to complete Stage 1 of the proposed Urimbirra Café Project. Stage 2 - recruiting qualified/experienced staff who will provide a unique café experience to the 30,000 visitors who enjoy the Urimbirra Wildlife Park annually. Stage 3 - The Hospitality Training School would provide employment opportunities for disadvantaged jobseekers - people with disabilities, indigenous people, youth and mature age in our Fleurieu region.

Organisation details

Submitted by DOME Association Incorported

About DOME Association Incorported

DOME is a not for profit organisation established in SA in 1981 supporting over 25,000 mature age and other disadvantaged jobseekers to gain employment. DOME's strong Fleurieu & Adelaide Hills Regional presence for the past 12 years has enabled us to expand our services to meet the specific needs of employers and jobseekers in our regions. Our staff live locally and support people across a wide age range who are experiencing exclusion or disadvantage as they endeavour to gain employment.


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Melissa Bean

05 Aug 2017

Would be great to see this project come to life for our community and tourists

Lorraine Cru

04 Aug 2017

Great idea. Worth the funding. Will be of great benefit to all who visit.

Heather Creed

03 Aug 2017

Wonderful idea & would definitely benefit the community.

Dale Elliott

31 Jul 2017

A fantastic concept that will provide great opportunity for people to get a foot in the door of the hospitality industry.

Dennis Borchardt

30 Jul 2017

Great idea but needs a simpler process to vote!

Angela Borchardt

30 Jul 2017

A functioning cafe at Urimbirra would be a welcome addition to this unique facility as well as providing work and/or work experience for local job seekers.

Bruce Binney

29 Jul 2017

What a great opportunity for deserving people in this region. It's great that organisations like DOME take this type of initiative.

Anna Wannan

27 Jul 2017

I am so excited to read about this great initiative . DOME has been successfully involved in the Fleurieu Region for many years now & so would be the ideal organisation to take on this very worthwhile project. It will benefit so many people in our community & be a great tourism attraction.

Glen Loveday

24 Jul 2017

This is an exciting initiative that will assist the community in several ways - social inclusion, training, skill development, assistance to those with disabilities and will help preserve one of the great icons in our region as well as provide ongoing practical support. I wholeheartedly support it.

Jeffery Billing

24 Jul 2017

There is a great need for a cafe at Urimbirra and this would benefit the local community at many levels including meaningful employment, meaningful training in hospitality work and enhancement of an already fantastic facility.

Gary Frith

23 Jul 2017

Dome does a great job in and for the community. They really deserve all the support they can get. It won't be wasted.

Bec Crook

23 Jul 2017

This is a great idea for the community and people living with barriers.

Diane Colton

22 Jul 2017

Great idea . I often send our guests from Victor Apartments here and mention what a great facility it is when I'm at tourism events .

Karen Peterson

20 Jul 2017

This is a wonderful proposal. It will not only benefit DOME clients but also the Victor Harbor community - locals and visitors. I visit Urimbirra often, and am always disappointed by the lack of dining options.

Ura Bachan

20 Jul 2017

This is a wonderful initiative for the whole community aiding jobseekers across the board and bringing a wonderful café experience within the Urimbirra Wildlife park to locals and overseas tourists

Erica Harris

20 Jul 2017

Excellent idea..my grandson loves going to Urimbirra when he is visiting from OS and to have a cafe there will be excellent! That the cafe will ultimately be also supporting local employment is an added bonus!

David Stevenson

18 Jul 2017

A great project for our community and our region.

Don Crook

17 Jul 2017

I think development of the Urimbirra Cafe is a very worthwhile project for the community,as it will attract more tourism and the hospitality training school will support unemployed people to gain skills and be able to get local jobs.