Warm Us Up Please!

Fund my idea 2017

Heat Myponga Primary School Hall to Benefit the Community.

Total funding requested


How will funding be spent?

The funding will be allocated to the supply and installation of infra-red gas heaters in the Myponga Primary School Hall.

How will the project be delivered?

Myponga Primary School will employ a heating specialist to supply and install a tailored system for efficient and cost effective heating.

The project will be managed by the school leadership team in collaboration with the school governing council, who will endeavour to ensure the timely implementation of this project with minimal disruption to community services.

How will the project benefit the region?

The existing hall is an asset to the community but is underused due to frigid weather conditions in Myponga
We do not charge community or sporting groups to use the hall
Heating will allow groups to use this space all year and encourage more people to participate in existing programs
It will bring more groups into Myponga to run programs, benefiting both this isolated community and small business
We’ll be able to host events that encourage community wellbeing (ie family movie nights) all year.

Organisation details

Submitted by Myponga Primary School

About Myponga Primary School

Myponga is an isolated community with minimal services
Our school provides physical, social and emotional resources, as well as meeting the expected educational needs of the community
It provides space for sport and dance and library access for families
We facilitate community educational events and host activities ie family movie nights and breakfast club
We provide opportunities for community members to engage with one another and the school, thereby fostering strong bonds within the community


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Kelly Read

18 Jul 2017

I use the shed for keep fit and it's soooooo cold it would be great to have heating and wonderful for the community to have a venue to meet in warmth.

Jessica Bunney

18 Jul 2017

It gets so cold in Myponga and those little children sitting/playing in a shed with a concrete floor would greatly appreciate some heating

Amber Hamlyn

17 Jul 2017

The hall is freezing!! Heating would definitely be a bonus :)