How it works

Fund My Idea is a grant program delivered through the State Government’s Country Cabinet program.

The Government has committed to conducting three Cabinet meetings in regional areas of South Australia each year. Up to $50,000 will be allocated through Fund My Idea in each Country Cabinet for projects that will assist the region meet its economic and social needs.

Project proposals are received from communities and are voted on by those communities. 

To be eligible for funding, projects must be nominated, benefit and delivered in the associated Country Cabinet region and meet the eligibility criteria.

1. Ideas Submitted

Anyone from the Country Cabinet region can submit an idea if the project and applicant meet the eligibility criteria. Read the criteria here.

We’re after projects that will help local communities thrive. Projects that will deliver ongoing economic development or that will support communities address a key social issue. We want to see projects that make good use of public funds and that leverage existing infrastructure and support in the community.

Examples of projects that have been funded previously:

Far West Mojo ($26,000) 
The Far West Mojo project will enlarge and share a local voice in the West Coast Aboriginal communities, providing digital journalism skills that can lead to commissioned work and recognition by mainstream media. Red Cross will lead the project, joining forces with the Youth Hub.

Loxton Stadium Redevelopment ($30,000) 
Funding was provided to assist in Stage 1 of the Loxton Stadium redevelopment replacing the ageing infrastructure of the existing indoor and outdoor courts. The work contributes to a broader plan of redeveloping the entire sporting complex over several development stages to create a premier sports and recreation hub.

Fox Creek Mountain Bike Park Extension ($18,350) 
The Human Projectile Mountain Bike Club will extend the popular Fox Creek Mountain Bike trail. The grant will allow trails to be built for intermediate riders, with a particular focus on cyclists aged 12-18, as well as developing family-oriented park facilities including playground equipment.

2. Ideas Screened

Once the ideas have been submitted, the Fund My Idea team analyse all of the ideas to ensure they meet the eligibility requirements.

Examples of projects that would not fit the Fund my Idea eligibility requirements:

Walking/Bike path through a wine tourism area ($30,000)
Looking to fund the facilitation of a feasibility study of a walking/bike path to connect five local wineries across private property.
- Idea submitted by the owners of the five wineries that will be connected by the path.

This idea would not be eligible as funding is not provided for:

  • preparation of feasibility studies, business cases and similar reports;
  • projects from which the proposer or their immediate family will personally profit

Fitness Workshops in Schools ($50,000)
To develop and implement a fitness program in to schools for the cost of $5,000 per school.
- Idea submitted by a privately run personal training business.

This idea would not be eligible as funding is not provided for:

  • projects from which the proposer or their immediate family will personally profit
  • projects that are the core responsibility of the South Australian government (e.g. education, health, emergency services etc)

3. Public Vote

All eligible ideas will be listed on the YourSAy website where the community can vote for their favourite. More information about the public voting is here.

4. Funding Outcome

At the conclusion of the public voting, the highest ranked idea will undergo verification for funding consideration. During the verification process the project sponsor is required to demonstrate the viability of the idea by providing evidence to the assessment panel within a specified timeframe (usually a couple of weeks).

The verification process will be different for each idea but could include providing evidence that all required approvals or additional funding has been obtained. For example, if your idea is to upgrade some community infrastructure and you don’t own the infrastructure you’d need the support and approval of the infrastructure owner and probably development approval.

Verified ideas will be considered for funding in order of ranking. That is, the idea that received the most votes will be considered first. If the idea cannot be funded, or if there is some funding remaining, the idea that received the second most votes will be considered, and so on until the funding is allocated.

5. Funding Impact

The final part of the Fund My Idea timeline is for the ideas to be implemented, and demonstrate real outcomes and positive impacts on the community.