What is a Citizens' Jury all about?

Citizens’ Juries aim to change the way democracy is done in SA, creating a new balance between experts and the public and giving elected representatives confidence that public judgment (rather than opinion) contributes to better decision-making.  

This is a ground-breaking approach for the way governments make decisions; it presents our elected leaders with an uncontrolled result, reached by a group of South Australians whose composition ensures that they able to represent the state. While lobbyists, activists and community groups are welcome to present their points-of-view to the jury, the structured and supported process ensures that final recommendations are developed independently. Juries have given South Australia opportunities to bring the voice of its community into decision-making around a tricky policy issues.

Want to know more? Read this article written by Emily Jenke and Emma Lawson, Citizens' Jury facilitators: Let’s ask more of Australian democracy - INDAILY, 21 October 2016.

Current Citizens' Juries

There are no decisions available at this time.

Past Citizens' Juries