Fund My Idea

Do you have a great idea that could make a real difference to your community? The Government is providing up to $50,000 for community-based projects across South Australia.

Fund My Idea is a grant program with a difference.

Incorporating elements of place-based and participatory budgeting approaches, it provides a simple mechanism through which local communities nominate project ideas to benefit the region. Local people are then involved in deciding which projects are funded.

Check out the Fund My Idea rounds below and find out which projects have been funded.

Through the 12 Country Cabinet Fund My Idea programs to date, 333 ideas were voted on with 23,268 votes cast.  A total of 23 community-driven projects have received a share of $550,000.

In metropolitan rounds of Fund My Idea 142 ideas were voted on with 11,355 votes cast. A total of 7 community-driven projects received a share of $143,000.


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