Dog and cat reforms - breeding code

Community consultation closes: Friday 26 June 2015

The draft Code of Practice for the Welfare of Dogs and Cats in Breeding Facilities aims to ensure the health, safety and well-being of dogs and cats involved in breeding activities.

It is proposed that anyone who breeds dogs and cats for sale will need to comply with the breeding code, to be enforced under the Animal Welfare Act 1985. By adhering to the breeding code, it is hoped that people who purchase dogs and cats from breeders can be assured that the animal they are buying has been raised in healthy and humane conditions.

The draft Breeding Code sets minimum standards for the care and management of breeding dogs and cats. It also includes voluntary guidelines that exceed the minimum standards. The standards and guidelines cover:

  • responsibilities and competency of staff
  • quality management systems
  • animal housing
  • animal management
  • animal health
  • transfer of ownership
  • breeding and rearing.

Have YourSAy

You are invited to have your say on the draft Code of Practice for the Welfare of Dogs and Cats in Breeding Facilities. You can do this by:

Dog and Cat Reforms
Conservation and Land Management Branch
Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources
GPO Box 1047, ADELAIDE, 5001

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