Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission Report Release

Nuclear Fuel Cycle report to be publicly released on Monday 9 May

On Friday 6 May, the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission will complete its investigation into increasing South Australia’s involvement in the nuclear fuel cycle, and present its final report to the Governor at 2:30pm.

While Rear Admiral Kevin Scarce’s role as Royal Commissioner will end once the report is delivered to the Governor, the Premier has asked Mr Scarce to be available to provide briefings on the report’s findings and recommendations.

Mr Scarce will brief State Cabinet on Monday 9 May before the final report is publicly released later that day.

Once released, the Royal Commission’s final report will be made available here.

The Commission was established in March last year to consider the practical, economic and ethical issues raised by South Australia’s potential involvement in nuclear mining, enrichment, energy and storage.

In its investigations, the Royal Commission heard from 132 expert witnesses, including 41 international experts, over 37 sitting days.

The Commission’s Tentative Findings were released on February 15 this year, attracting a further 170 direct responses.

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