Social impact bonds: self-assessment tool

The purpose of the SIB self-assessment tool is to provide an indication of where the challenges and opportunities would lie in developing a successful Social Impact Bond.

The tool asks a number of questions related to:

  • The social issue you want to address
  • The current cost to the Government related to the social issue
  • The target population
  • The potential outcome metric
  • The counterfactual or baseline
  • The intervention program

Responses to these questions are used to calculate a score and to provide you with a high-level assessment of viability. It should be noted that:

  • It may well be difficult to answer all the questions accurately, particularly in relation to government costs. Treat the exercise as a ‘back of the envelope’ reasonableness check.
  • The assessment and weightings used in this tool are subjective and based on our current view on the criteria used. 
  • The score provided should be treated as purely indicative.  A low score does not mean that a SIB is definitely not viable.  Equally, a high score does not mean that it definitely is viable.

Download the self-assessment tool (Excel, 2.3 MB)

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