Social impact bonds – useful links and resources

UK Government SIB Toolkit and Knowledge Box

Pay for Success Learning Hub, Nonprofit Finance Fund

AP Social Finance

Social impact bonds for Service Providers - MaRS Centre for Impact Investing

A new tool for scaling impact: how social impact bonds can mobilize private capital to advance social good - Social Finance US & Rockefeller Foundation

Social Impact bonds: Planting for future growth - KPMG

Introduction to Social Impact Bonds - Social Finance UK

A technical Guide to Developing Social Impact bonds - Social Finance UK

A technical guide to Commissioning Social Impact Bonds - Social Finance UK

Social Impact Bonds, a guide for State and Local Government – Harvard Kennedy SIB Technical Assistance Lab

SIB Outcome Tool

  • An interactive tool that helps to illustrate the business case of social impact bonds concerning specific social issues.  Based on UK data, and requires detailed inputs on costs and benefits - but a useful snapshot business case.

Social Benefit Bonds Trial in NSW - Treasury NSW

Evaluation of the Joint Development Phase of the NSW Social Benefit Bond Trial - KPMG

The One* Service. One year on - Social Finance UK

Phase 2 report from payment by results Social Impact Bond pilot at HMS Peterborough

Social Impact Bonds, Supporting 14-16 years olds