Submitting an idea

So you’ve read the eligibility criteria and want to submit an idea.

The first step is to register with the YourSay website so we’ve got your contact details.

The next step is to prepare your submission. Some helpful tips for writing your submission are:

  • Write it in simple, plain English. Remember, the community is your audience so make sure what you write will make sense to them.
  • Answer all the questions as accurately as possible. Highlight the benefits your idea will bring to the region, who it will help and be clear about how you will make it happen.
  • Have an image ready to attach to submit that captures your idea.

Remember, the highest ranked projects in the public vote will undergo verification, including demonstrating their viability. You might want to think about how you will meet this requirement as you develop your idea.

By submitting an idea you acknowledge and agree to the program’s Terms and Conditions.

After you submit your idea we’ll review it against the eligibility criteria. We might contact you for more information about the idea to help us determine its eligibility.